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Yuridia presents unforgettable concert in Puerto Peñasco!

nd took in an evening of romantic ballads and popular songs during the nearly two hour stellar concert of Yuridia. Backed by a mega production, the concert by the “queen of ballads” lit up the audience from the moment Yuridia took the stage, accompanied by her musicians and group of dancers who began the night with the powerful “Señora.” The Sonoran singer, winner of various awards including “Best Live Show” by The World Music Awards, brought the crowd to their feet as she made her way through songs which are popular across Mexico and Latin America, including “Sin él,” “Pienso en tí,” and “La Maldita Primavera,” among many more along with a potpourri of songs in English and mix of songs by the unforgettable Tex-Mex singer Selena. Yuridia, who was launched to fame after appearing on the reality show “La Academia”, thanked the community of Puerto Peñasco for coming out to the show, as well as those who traveled to get here, stating she felt “at home.” She invited the audience to sing along with the ballads that have made numerous singers famous, and which she has now made her own through her curious and harmonious voice. Yuridia had various wardrobe changes throughout the performance, appearing in a transparent dress adorned with black feathers and a billowing cape as she first took the stage. She then stepped into an elegant gold dress to interpret the most romantic songs of the evening, followed by an 80s style look in black, and a two piece silver and black outfit which combined nicely with her dancers, who she accompanied through carefully crafted choreography. Between songs Yuridia took advantage to call out to the audience, even inviting one of her fans to share his drink in toasting “broken hearts.” After leaving the stage following what would have been the final number of the evening, the public clamored for more by chanting “otra, otra,” until the singer reappeared after another change of wardrobe to top off the evening with the piece that helped launched her to fame, “Ya te olvidé.” The concert, which was well received by all in attendance, had been organized by the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau with the principal goal of promoting tourism to the city by offering events of such high caliber. [gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="4586,4587,4588,4589,4590,4591,4592,4593,4594,4595,4596,4597,4598,4599,4600,4601,4602,4603,4604,4605"]]]>