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What to do in Puerto Peñasco during the winter?

Winter is almost here, with its warm days and chilly nights, that can be advantageous for many activities around the city or on the beach.

Thinking the sand and beach are only for summer visits would be a mistake, as there are several activities you can do during the winter season. There are even air, land, and sea activities that are best done when it’s a little bit cooler!

We would like to share some of the things you can do, and places you can visit, during the season so you can enjoy all that Puerto Peñasco has to offer during this pleasant weather.

Sand Boarding down the sand dunes

Our tourist destination situated in the middle of the desert is surrounded by spectacular dunes! You can glide down many of these, especially when the weather is cool, while getting the adrenaline rush this extreme sport offers. Check out the experts, such as the Puerto Peñasco Sandboarding crew, who rent out boards and can instruct you on proper use.

Enjoy the sea on a boat ride

Boat rides are your direct ticket to enjoying the Sea of Cortez, its sunsets, and bright sunrises. What’s even better is this can be done at any time of the year! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to board a tourist boat and enjoy an unforgettable morning or afternoon. Just don’t forget to take a good jacket and a camera. You never know what the sea has in store for you.

Visit the Shuck Toak museum

If you prefer a more relaxed family activity, but not less interesting, you can always plan a trip out to the Schuk Toak Museum & Visitors Center located just 24 kilometers north of Puerto Peñasco, on the Peñasco-Sonoyta highway. There you will encounter an impressive museum with interactive screens and interpretive trails. The main building, which is completely solar powered, is built in the middle of the desert atop a large fossilized lava flow.

ATVs and RZRs

Experiment the adrenaline of riding over the dunes on ATVs or RZRs. There are many places where you can easily rent these vehicles hourly, which can be used on sandy roads, dunes, and even some parts of the city. This is guaranteed fun at any time of the year! You can ride alone or with someone else, just remember to always wear a helmet!

Visit the oyster farms

Take advantage of the great weather to get away from the city to enjoy some delicious freshly sea harvested oysters, while taking in the amazing view of the estuaries and dunes. One of the popular oyster farms is “El Barco” (The Boat), serving the freshest seafood and of course their main dish: the oyster. And remember, all you need to go on your oyster is a little bit of lime and hot sauce.

Take a whale watching tour

Getting to see these giants of the Sea of Cortez is one of the most beautiful shows of nature this weather gives us. Whale watching season is from January through April, which is when whales coming from the Arctic visit our sea in search of warmer waters to mate or to give birth. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity of getting to see them with your own eyes, and the chance to capture the experience forever in a picture or video. Ask for more information about the different tourist boats offering seasonal whale watching trips.

Pamper yourself at a Spa

Why not take advantage of your stay in Peñasco and give yourself a little “me” time? When visiting a spa, you will be pampered with a relaxing massage done with essential oils and soft music in the background. Plus, if the day is sunny, you can even ask to receive your massage along some areas of the beach in the open air.

Take a ride down the Zip line

This extreme sport is for the brave who actually enjoy heights. This is fun from the get go as you are taken up Cholla Bay’s “Competition Hill” on an all-terrain vehicle until you reach the first platform. This particular zip line is one of the longest in Sonora, with 5 lines that allow you to take in the majestic scenery. The sea, rocks, and sand come together to frame a fantastic view of the city in the background. The zip line is located on the road to Cholla Bay, in the Sandy Beach area.

Go Biking

What better activity to enjoy these cool mornings than going for a bike ride? Picture yourself pedaling your way around while getting to know the city, or even some specific routes found around nearby mountains or stretches with little traffic. Be sure to use your protective gear.

Go camping so you can catch a meteor shower

Camping is fun for the whole family and great at breaking up routine. Plus, winter is a great time of year to go camping close to Puerto Peñasco. Ask at the Schuk Toak museum about any permitted days, as well as about upcoming meteor showers so you can organize a night outing and witness this amazing spectacle well away from the city lights.

Fly over the desert and the Sea of Cortez on an Ultralight

For those who love heights, this winter you can enjoy flying over the beach area or dunes on an Ultralight. You can find this service at the end of Sandy Beach, where an expert pilot will accompany you as you take in the best view of Puerto Peñasco.

Go Hiking

If what you’re after is peace and quiet and enjoying what nature has to offer, all you need is to take a walk down the beach or along dune trails. Venture out on your own, or with a friend, or even your beloved pet.  Early morning walks along the beach, with the sound of waves softly breaking and birds chirping, will surely recharge you with vitality. If you prefer taking dune trails, these will lead you toward spectacular landscapes.

Play golf at one of our 3 magnificent courses

Puerto Peñasco has three golf courses that are true treasures for golfers. Our courses, two of which are Jack Nicklaus signature courses, have received national and international recognition. You really don’t want to miss out on the amazing scenery as you enjoy a round with your friends on a course cutting right through the Desert of Altar. Plus, playing on one of our greens will allow you to say you have played on one of the top 20 best courses in the world. 

Enjoy the outdoor experience at “El Rancho de los Pavorreales” or Peacock Ranch

This weather is great for spending a day on one of the ranch’s hammocks, having a traditional cup of coffee, or enjoying one of the restaurant’s delicious regional dishes. Interacting with animals at the ranch, going horseback riding, feeding the rabbits and birds, and being impressed by the stunning peacocks are just some of the activities you can enjoy during your visit.

Visit La Salina

La Salina is located 97 kilometers up the Coastal highway between Puerto Peñasco and El Golfo.  With the wetlands of Adair Bay on one side and sand banks on the other, just to the south is the highest point of the Gulf of California. This land is also considered sacred by the Tohono O’odham Nation, who have traced “La Ruta de la Sal” (the salt route), an ancestral custom of walking across the area in what they called the salt walk.

Experience one of CEDO’s tours

The Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans offers tours through natural areas we should all experience. Their guided tours to Bird Island, the Morua estuary, and walks through the dunes and tide pools will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Enjoy the high seas with a day of fishing

An interesting activity to explore is fishing, which is indeed what gave origin to Puerto Peñasco‘s first settlement. In this case, sports fishing is a more comfortable and pleasurable way of fishing.

So, don’t forget to bring a warm coat, blankets, camera, and lots of energy so you can explore and have fun with all the winter activities across Puerto Peñasco! Remember to always care for your health and that of your loved ones.