Come to Rocky Point

Welcome Winter Visitors!

By Azucena Mazón

In search of warmer destinations while dodging winter weather in the north, the affectionately called “snowbirds” tend to flock south each year and Puerto Peñasco has become one of their preferred destinations. As the temperatures drop, our sunshine, sand and beaches eagerly welcome these Winter visitors!

Hailing from numerous spots across the U.S., as well as Canada, the “snowbirds” are mostly made up of retired adults with the opportunity and ability to travel. Many drive over thousands of miles in RVs, or towing trailers, looking to leave cold nights behind in search of warmer days for the winter months.

Starting in November, hundreds of folk begin preparations to head to their winter spots. Puerto Peñasco has become one of these popular destinations as, in addition to its desert climate offering warm sunny days, everyone can enjoy our beaches and fantastic landscapes.

Though housing preferences have changed over the years, given there are fewer RV parks in town than in the past and more visiting seniors are opting to rent condos or homes, Puerto Peñasco anxiously anticipates the arrival of her winter visitors who can be seen in the mornings, gripping cups of coffee and donning comfortable clothing for strolls on the beach, walking dogs, and enjoying the sunrise.

In the afternoons, individuals of this migratory flock can be spotted shopping at local businesses while in the evening they are often found gathering in large groups at one of the many local restaurants or bars.

As these “snowbirds” know that adventure and fun is for all ages, the streets and dunes of Puerto Peñasco readily become part of their tour through the desert in off-road or all-terrain vehicles. Plus, there’s golf, hiking at the Pinacate, recreational fishing, day long or sunset boat cruises, and banana boats or jetskis for the most adventuresome.

The beaches and sun of Puerto Peñasco, as well as her residents, anxiously welcome the arrival of these annual winter visitors in order to continue to share the natural wealth of our sea and desert!