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Visit the Oyster Farms

Are you a sea food lover?  Take a trip to the oyster farm to enjoy the flavor of fresh oysters and experience the oyster extraction on your own!  At only 4.5 miles from Rocky Point on the road towards Caborca there is a round-about that takes you to one of the most visited sites by tourists and locals- The Oyster Farms.  In this area you’ll find 3 renowned oyster farms with high quality products, so good in fact that they have been selling all around Mexico and exporting to the neighboring countries as well. The most visited oyster farm is formed by 16 members, all women and was founded after the women analyzed the demand for oysters amongst locals and tourists.  They decided to offer the restaurant service to those who visit the farms, which are called ostioneras.  To this day, seafood lovers can delight on the succulent dishes that come directly out of the ocean and onto your palate.  If you are an adventurous person seeking a unique experience, the people in charge of the oyster farm will guide you so that you can hand pick your own oysters while enjoying the beautiful view.

To learn more about oyster farms and tours to the ostionera:

CEDO en o 011-526-38-382-0113, or 0115.