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Visit one of Mexico's 13 Natural Wonders "The Pinacate Biosphere Reserve"

“The Pinacate and Grand Desert of Altar Biosphere Reserve”

has been declared a Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO given its beauty and tremendous biodiversity, being one of the most biodiverse deserts in the world due to its flora, fauna, and craters. Surrounded by extensive sand dunes, the Pinacate mountain range consists of the Pinacate peak, Santa Clara dormant volcano, the Elegante, Cerro Colorado, MacDougal, and Sykes maar craters, among others. The area has a rich history as also being the ceremonial heart for the Tohono O’odham of the past. This space of majestic and enigmatic beauty was also a training site for NASA astronauts for future trips to the moon, given similarities with the surface of the moon. If you choose to visit this incredible spot, we recommend you check with experts who will gladly guide you through this magical experience.