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Various California agencies take part in Fam-trip to Puerto Peñasco

Six travel agencies that visited Puerto Peñasco from June 28th – 30th took part in a weekend full of tours and activities!

The agencies, traveling from different counties from across the state of California, were able to get to know and enjoy the attractions Puerto Peñasco has to offer visitors, all for the purpose of developing new offerings for their clients.

During the trip, agents had the opportunity to visit several hotels and resorts where they viewed presentations and toured the facilities and rooms. Agents were given information about area amenities and additional information to make it possible for the hotels and resorts to work with the agencies and become an option for future visitors.

The Puerto Peñasco Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCV), in coordination with Peñasco del Sol, Playa Bonita, Laos Mar, Paraíso del Desierto, Lluvia del Mar, Viña del Mar, Casago Management Company, Las Palomas Beach and Golf Resort, and Grupo Vidanta, as well as Sierra Tours, Rocky Point Adventures, Ecofun Rentals, and Señorita Rita were the hosts that made this trip possible.

Aside from meetings and visits to hotels, the visiting agents had the opportunity to enjoy activities like sunset cruises, taste delicious local cuisine, and enjoy our wonderful beaches. 

During their stay, they shared live streams of their experiences, capturing the attention of hundreds of their followers.

Puerto Peñasco is undoubtedly becoming more attractive as a beach destination, not only for our friends from Arizona but also capturing the attention of potential visitors from other states.