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Unprecedented number of turtle nests in Puerto Peñasco so far this year

In what is unprecedented and historic for Puerto Peñasco, last week within a span of 24 hours six sea turtles laid their eggs along the area of Sandy Beach. This brings the total number of sea turtles sighted laying eggs in the area to nine in the past two months, reported César García González, Municipal Coordinator of the Federal Maritime Land Zone (ZOFEMAT).  Additional first hand accounts were also reported from Las Conchas during the week, and Playa Encanto on Sept. 22nd

The ZOFEMAT Coordinator detailed 557 turtle eggs have been recovered so far this year, which are then put into artificial incubation, with hopes most will hatch so the young can return to the sea.  He added between 2015-2016, only one turtle nest was reported, which means an 800% increase this year solely along the area of Sandy Beach. He noted resort security guards have roped off nesting areas for the last six nests, providing additional security for the specimens.  PROFEPA (Environmental Protection) authorities then authorized removal of the eggs so they could be relocated, which has been carefully done by biologist Itzel Cárdenas from the Vidanta Group along with support of ZOFEMAT, PROFEPA, and CEDO Educational Coordinator Paloma Valdivia.

By José Antonio Pérez *Video courtesy of Robert Bascelli*