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Turtle nesting in Puerto Peñasco

Dozens of olive ridley sea turtles arrive along Puerto Peñasco’s warm beaches yearly to nest and lay their eggs before returning to sea.

The olive ridley turtles perform somewhat of a ritual, as the story describes that turtles return to where they were born to lay their eggs. Whether or not this is true, the fact that sea turtles make their nests along Puerto Peñasco’s beaches is a sign of hope for the species, particularly as it is at risk of extinction.

From September to October this year, at least 350 sea turtle eggs were placed into incubation. The eggs had been deposited in nests by four olive ridley turtles, three along Sandy Beach and another in Playa Encanto.  The eggs were then carefully removed and taken to a safeguarded area at Mayan Palace, under the care of biologist Itzel Cárdenas.

Hatching generally occurs 46 days later. The baby turtles born successfully are then transported in styrofoam chests to the beach where their mother first made her nest. They are released into the sea from the original nesting spot.

This amazing natural sight can be experienced only along a few coastlines, such as in Puerto Peñasco. It is a wonder to see how the small sea turtles, guided by the sun, make their way through the sand to then submerge into their watery habitat.

Turtle nest sightings in Puerto Peñasco have only been registered during the past four years. Fortunately, in most cases, those who spot a sea turtle emerging onto the beach have reported the event to help ensure the turtle is protected and the eggs then removed to incubation. Placing the eggs in incubation prevents further risk due to severe weather, flooding from tides, or pedestrian traffic near the nests.