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Traditional Day of the Dead Celebrations in Puerto Peñasco

Throughout Mexico, Día de Muertos, or “Day of the Dead” is a day to remember those who have gone before us. Celebrated on November 2nd, traditions include creating altars decorated with offerings and flowers in honor of departed loved ones. Another tradition is the beautiful personification of catrinas.

For this year’s Día de Muertos, Puerto Peñasco has prepared special events, processions, nighttime vigils, and contests for everyone to enjoy the honored traditions. All of these activities aim to promote and maintain the tradition of remembering our faithfully departed in a happy and colorful way, as only Mexico knows how.

As each year, the Office of Art and Culture will once again hold an altar and catrina contest on October 28th and 29th along Rodeo Drive or “Curios Street”. Contest participants include dozens of people of all ages, donning spectacular outfits with long dresses and hats adorned with flowers and veils to characterize the figure of the Catrina.

In addition, groups of people gather to create altars dedicated to deceased relatives or endearing public figures by placing food, candles, flowers, photographs, and typical elements on the offering display. There is also a procession with event participants, while all can delight in Mexican fare as well as cultural programs with live music and theater.

Across town, Day of the Dead celebrations are already on display at the Las Palomas Beach and Golf Resort. For the second year in row, Las Palomas will offer a weekend of traditional celebrations from October 27th to 30th with catrina processions, parades, traditional Mexican snacks, and live music. This year’s celebration includes exhibition of a monumental sculpture of the desert mermaid named “Alfonsina”, created by sculptor Javier Zarazúa in order to promote care for our oceans.

The Peñasco del Sol Hotel has also joined in honoring this emblematic day, starting on October 26th with exhibition of its Day of the Dead altar. On October 28th , at 6:30 p.m., the hotel will hold a “tour of the souls” from Casino Palmidas towards their Day of the Dead altar, recreating the path souls take to reach the living.

Along with these celebrations, nightclubs will host costume contests and special parties for Halloween. Despite being a holiday from our northern neighbors, across Mexico many families and businesses have adopted Halloween traditions, particularly in spots like Puerto Peñasco with close proximity to the U.S.

For Halloween, some restaurants and businesses offer candy to children for trick-or treating. As night falls, nightclubs welcome residents and visitors alike who each year select their best costumes for fun as well as the chance at a prize.

We invite you to celebrate colorful Day of the Dead traditions at the varied events across Puerto Peñasco, where distinct cultures mix in this corner on the Sea of Cortez.