Come to Rocky Point

Tour to San Jorge Island

Also known as Bird Island

To visit the Sea of Cortez is such an incredible experience. The crystal clear waters of the bay allow good visibility sufficient to examine the extensive sea life of the region which includes thousands of colorful fish, anemones, starfishes, snails, crabs and many other species. San Jorge Island, also known as Bird Island, is located between Caborca and Rocky Point and is about 50 square miles in its surface.  It is considered a Federal Nature Preserve because of its importance as a home for migrating birds.  The area also shelters a sanctuary of sea lions and is the most important in the nation. The weather is arid, semi warm, with temperatures that range from the 65 to 72 degrees.  On your way you may also see of one of many packs of dolphins that live in the area with anywhere from 8 to up to 60 or more jumping friendly dolphins along with a few sea turtles that float around the area.  These are countless species that you can observe in the Sea of Cortez aptly named by Jean-Michel Cousteau, The World Aquarium.

In the waters surrounding Bird Island you can also go kayaking, fishing, diving, snorkeling, and paddle boarding.  Make time to visit San Jorge Island on your next visit; it’s an exciting and unique experience that you don’t want to miss!