Come to Rocky Point

Top spots to take in Rocky Point sunsets!

Puerto Peñasco (aka Rocky Point) is a spot privileged with outstanding nature. Examples of this are the spectacular sunsets that embellish the sky in warm tones, which is an experience you must catch if you visit our corner of the Sea of ​​Cortez.

It’s possible to appreciate the outstanding sunsets from wherever you may be in the city, given the brilliant colors can be spotted from just about anywhere. However, there are sites where you can get a better view and enjoy an unforgettable sunset, and of course capture images of this natural spectacle.

The most visited spot where people stop to wait for the sun’s last few minutes is the Malecón. The wide panorama allows you to observe how the sun hides under the horizon, and even seems to be submerging into the sea. Sunset viewing from the Malecón can also include spotting boats in the distance, plus there are telescopes pointing out so you can view the sunset in even greater detail.

Catching the sunset from a boat is also impressive! Just imagine being able to see head on how the sun sets in the evening, leaving a melting pot of warm orange tones accompanied by the sea breeze, some dolphins, endemic birds, and the mood on any local cruise or fishing boat. In Puerto Peñasco, various tour operators offer trips exclusively to view the wonderful sunsets. Just reserve your space, and be sure to take your camera or cell phone to capture the moment.

Now, imagine watching the sunset from the terrace of a high resort! From these heights you will be able to appreciate how the sun disappears amidst the blue waters, and how it disappears into the west as night falls. From the comfort of your own reserved space, you will have the chance to witness the difference in tones beginning from sunrise and then again as the sun paints the sky a pink color as it departs. You can also go up to restaurants on Whale Hill, such as Casa del Capitán or Pane e Vino, that offer a spectacular vantage point for sunset watching!

The beach is always a special place to view Puerto Peñasco sunsets. From your own personal front row in the sand, you will have the opportunity to take in all the details of a sunset. With the waves and sound of the birds in the background, you can say goodbye to the sun and all its colors, and of course play with your camera and the silhouettes framed against the radiance.

You can choose to go to Playa Hermosa, which is the busiest beach, Playa Encanto, Mi Playa, Las Conchas, La Cholla, or any area of ​​Sandy Beach from where you are sure to enjoy the sun’s farewell.

The pier is another fascinating place to see how the orange sun hides between the horizon and passing boats, offering a perfect setting for the best classic fishing port photographs. This is an iconic place to visit when you come to Puerto Peñasco.

These are just some ideas on how to further enjoy the fabulous sunsets offered in this corner of the Sea of ​​Cortez. These sunsets have been captured hundreds of times in the best photographs, and in images that have been taken to the big screen, but above all, these sunsets linger in the memories of those who visit us.