Come to Rocky Point

Tidepool exploration

How about taking advantage of the low tide for a glimpse at the mysterious life underwater? You can do this here with a guide specialized in navigating tidepools that remain when the tide goes down, exploring hidden marvels in the natural rocky reefs along the Sea of Cortez.

Our extreme tides, which are famous for the rapidness in which they rise and fall, when combined with intertidal rocky reefs surrounding Puerto Peñasco offer a unique opportunity for exploration to discover the astonishing variety of organisms including sea stars, crabs, pistol shrimp, and more. Specialized guides, such as CEDO, lead tidepool excursion tours for groups. In addition to guiding you to the exact tidepool locations, the CEDO guides can share information about the biology and behavior of these marvelous creatures, tidal movements, and factors related with the sun, moon, and earth.


Address: Fracc. Las Conchas
Phone: US 520 320 5473 – MX 638 382 0113