Come to Rocky Point

The Sea of Cortez giants have arrived in Puerto Peñasco.

“Whale watching is a spectacular nature show sought out by visitors and residents in Sonora’s most important tourist destination.”

During the months from January to March, these giant sea creatures migrate from the coasts of North-America with the purpose of reproducing and searching for food. It is at the beginning of each year when they allow themselves to be seen in Puerto Peñasco. In fact, the first sightings of 2019 have already begun, which makes us expect nature lovers will come and enjoy this phenomenal show.

Hector Vazquez del Mercado, President of the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV), detailed, “we expect this whale watching season to be better than the last, since now we have more tour operators trained to offer this service, besides offering great prices for visitors.”

The president of the OCV indicated the office continues to increase promotion of tourist operators who help make whale watching trips with certified guides a possibility.

“It is very important to us that every person offering this service has absolute respect for Mexican norms, and for the whales as well. We know that, given our proximity to the United States, more and more people come to visit, meaning that care and respect for these animals is a priority for us,” he explained.

The types of whales that can frequently be seen here include Fin Whales, which are the second largest sea animal in the world; and the Humpback Whale, which tends to be more active and has better mobility. Throughout the season, one can also enjoy dolphins that can often be observed swimming in large groups near shores.

This season, tour operators are scheduling outings to San Jorge Island and other points near Puerto Peñasco for a chance to spot the visiting whales. It’s just a matter of making your reservation with time, and get ready to experience observing these sea giants, who sometimes seem to show off, even up close.

Most whale watching tours take off at noon to take advantage of the sun light and warmer temperatures. Be sure to take your mobile phone or camera so you can capture images and share your experience with others.
Tours are complemented with basic information on these animals, as well as appetizers and drinks to make the trip more enjoyable.

Photo credit: Tony Ballesteros