Come to Rocky Point

The Oyster Route

“From the Sea to your Palate” is a culinary phrase you can taste for yourself with a visit to one of the oyster farms along the Morua Estuary in Rocky Point. There, in addition to sampling delicacies recently extracted from the sea, you can enjoy the amazing views across the estuary and desert dunes.

Getting to the oyster farms can turn into quite the adventure from the moment you exit the highway toward Caborca. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to get there!  Starting from kilometer 7 along the highway heading south from Rocky Point, a series of dirt roads lead out to spots along the estuary where oysters are cultivated. Each of the oyster farms provides signs along the highway, and all are quaint and rustic. While the oysters take nearly a year to grow, in a matter of seconds you can savor them straight from their shell, topped lime and salsa.  

The first stop along the oyster route is Ostionera Aquamar. From the moment you arrive, after traversing a few kilometers over land, you’re emerged in a beachside camp environment. It’s the true sensation of leaving the urban center to connect with desert roads before coming across estuaries that produce oysters for your table.  This spot offers a few tables so you can enjoy the freshly prepared seafood along with family and friends, and of course refreshing drinks.

The next road leads you to El Barco, which can be considered to be the most visited spot among the oyster farms. In addition to the inviting tiny paradise, this oyster farm has an on-site restaurant where you can relish in other simple yet delicious seafood dishes along with the recently harvested oysters.  Another peculiarity of this spot is that it is a cooperative run by women and their families since the 1980s. Plus, it is surrounded by large dunes used for sandboarding.  Local families and tourists from across Mexico, the US, and beyond, including from Korea and Canada, make their way to El Barco to sample the amazing flavors.

Rolling along the highway a few kilometers more, an all-terrain path through desert brush and rugged roads carved out by cars leads to the Acuícola Punta Peñasco oyster farm. This spot looks like it’s straight out of a road-trip movie! In front of the lake there’s a cabin, RV, and several wooden tables so you can sit seaside while sampling the oyster delicacies. Plus, an alluring hammock lets you lay back while you digest.

On the other side of the estuary is Punta Roja. Along with deliciously fresh oysters served with lime and salsa, they also offer baked oysters so guests can experiment with other ways of preparation. This is definitely a paradise you can’t miss!

The amazing thing about all of these farms is that in just one day you can bear witness to how those is charge of production check on the oyster growing process, or even watch them pull oyster baskets out with product ready to try.

If not able to visit any of the oyster farms, you can also ask to try the succulent oysters in nearly all local seafood restaurants and those offering international cuisine, as well as near the wharf in La Cholla.

Now that you know more about the oyster farms nestled into this corner of the Sea of Cortez, when visiting Rocky Point and wanting to spend time with the family in a truly rich rustic setting while savoring delicacies recently taken from the sea, don’t hesitate to venture out to a spot right on the estuary to enjoy oysters straight “From the Sea to your Palate.”