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The future of weddings

We live in a world that is constantly changing. We change our nationality, change our identity, and we’re amazed by technology. We get caught up in fashion and new diet trends, but there’s something that has remained pure over the centuries…LOVE. That wonderful feeling that moves the world.

I am a passionate Wedding Planner, who loves working with couples as they prepare for their big day. As in every type of service, there are some clients that are more demanding than others. Yet, it’s important to be empathic at all times, because it’s THEIR WEDDING, an event that will touch the rest of their lives.

Nowadays, eager couples are even more on top of where and in what they plan to invest. Some of them have had to make several date changes, and others have even cancelled their events. Now, those who are once again planning want to make sure they are aware of every miniscule detail and carefully read all contract clauses. These are things that in the past were more of a given, yet have become a priority in clarifying “What happens if I cancel?”.

Those looking to get married want to be well informed, which is good in preventing any misunderstandings. We are all coming out of both complicated and uncertain times. We’ve had to double our efforts to make sure brides and grooms can hold their wedding without any complications or setbacks.

I see couples that are more committed than ever and eager to hold their seaside dream wedding. I have seen how guest lists have become more and more exclusive, and that couples only wish to have their nearest and dearest by their side.  They are looking for more relaxed open air settings.

At Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort, we make sure your wedding day is unforgettable. We offer sea side lawns, incredible terraces, or spectacular beaches for those who prefer subtle contact with the sand hugging the Sea of Cortez.  Our open spaces are enhanced by the sea breeze, allowing you to breath in the fresh air, with the confidence that we are constantly caring for your safety.

I, as a Wedding Planner, put myself in couples’ shoes and provide the level of attention I would like to receive. Often, couples aren’t certain as to what they’d like for their big day, but that is where we industry professionals come in. We must transmit both a sense of calm and have a variety of ideas prepared to share.

Because love is, and always will be, life’s most cherished feeling.

Malena Sanchez
Wedding planner at Las Palomas Beach And Golf Resort.