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Thanksgiving in Rocky Point

Thanksgiving is fast approaching, one of the most important dates on the U.S. calendar, and one that year after year people to choose to celebrate with family or friends in Rocky Point.

This holiday, which falls on the fourth Thursday each November, is traditionally celebrated with a feast featuring a main dish of baked turkey along with mashed potatoes, stuffing, garnishes, and pumpkin pie.

Families from the U.S., and even many Mexican families, plan in advance to cook the turkey dinner, and gather family to give thanks.

Yet, there are hundreds of others who choose the holiday weekend to visit warm destinations, like Rocky Point, and opt for reservations at a local restaurant to celebrate Thanksgiving with groups of friends, family, or as a couple.

Another good idea to celebrate the holiday is to order a full dinner from one of the restaurants offering this service, so you can enjoy the feast in the comfort of your own dining room or from your condo terrace.

For our visitors who aren’t quite fans of turkey, there are many more activities and ways to celebrate, such as going to any sports bar and watching your favorite game.

You can also take the day to just rest on the beach and enjoy the wonderful weather. Or look for a guide to go sandboarding, go on a boat tour, or simply spend time comfortably in a hotel room or condo watching TV with the family.

Rocky Point is a cozy spot that offers a wide range of options for you to have the perfect Thanksgiving day, in an ambiance of fresh warm moments to spice up your celebration.

To welcome you this Thanksgiving, dozens of restaurants are already preparing special dinners or banquets for you and yours, anxious to serve you while following all necessary health protocols.

Here are some places where you can find special Thanksgiving dinners this year: