Come to Rocky Point

Summer activities by sky, land, and sea in Rocky Point

If you’ve already planned your trip to Rocky Point, there are endless activities that await.  From the simple joy offered by sitting in the sand and contemplating the quiet peace of the sea to the thrill of adrenaline filled moments, there’s a lot to do and for all tastes.

From the moment you arrive as a welcome visitor, simply going through the city streets and seeing the beach, plazas, and businesses in the distance, along with people looking to have a good time, is enough to shift your mindset because you know it’s time to just enjoy.

The simple act of sitting in the sand on the beach while gazing at the blue of the Sea of Cortez is already a breath of fresh air for those looking to relax, whether traveling with friends or family.

Out at sea you can further indulge yourself by renting a jetski, hop on one of the classic banana boats, or simply swim in Rocky Point’s warm waters.

Reserving a spot and boarding one of the local tour boats is certainly an adventure you can’t miss out on this Summer. From the vantage point of a boat tour, you’ll be able to take in the immensity of the coastline and possibly even spot dolphins frolicking alongside.  Trips are enhanced with music, drinks, and snacks offered throughout day or sunset tours. You’ll definitely want to capture plenty of images as keepsakes.

If speed is more your style, don’t hesitate to rent a four-wheeler or ATV for a trip through the dunes and other permitted spots.  Feel the air against your face, and the rush of adrenalin when bouncing over streets and the sand.  Be sure to wear your helmet and follow safety guidelines.

If you’re really interested in sailing through the air, how about a trip on an ultralight?  Break through the wind from this colorful contraption, which offers one of the best views from several meters up.  Ultralights, which can be rented from along Sandy Beach, will take you along the coastline so you can feel the wind in your face and the thrill of flying for a few yet intense minutes.

Photo: Marco Guerrero

Another way to have fun in the sky is parasailing!  Flying through the air, while pulled at full speed behind a boat, you’ll feel like you’re parachuting free fall toward the sea. Plus, you can go tandem and watch each other’s expressions filled with adrenalin and excitement. Check local companies that offer parasailing in Puerto Peñasco.

Photo: Marco Guerrero

Visit the oyster farms and enjoy the offerings directly from the sea to your palate. In the estuaries you can see how the oysters are pulled out and prepared fresh so you can sample.  The oyster farms are about 7 kilometers east of Puerto Peñasco, along the highway towards Caborca.  Dirt roads lead the way to these spots, which are surrounded by dunes and walls of sand.


Another activity you can explore this summer, though only really early in the morning, is a trip to the dunes for sandboarding.  Ask about guides dedicated to sandboarding, where the only thing you need is guts and to hop on a board so you can glide down a dune at full speed.

Marian Krawstor

The Schuk Toak Museum built in the middle of the desert is also a spot you should visit.  The sustainable building, located just kilometers outside Puerto Peñasco, runs off solar panels and offers interactive content about the Pinacate Reserve, its history, craters, as well as its flora and fauna.  In addition, interactive trails provide a front row to the desert lava.

These are just some of the recommendations for things to do in this port destination. Your fun can be found in the peace and calm of your own hotel room or resort, spending an afternoon in a pool, or catching live music at a restaurant or bar.

What’s important for your stay in Rocky Point is that you enjoy every morning, every afternoon, and every evening in safety and comfort. Make your way to this beach destination and the city will be sure to captivate you with all it has to offer.

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