Come to Rocky Point

Spring adventures for all ages!

In addition to Spring Breakers, Puerto Peñasco is also known as cherished stomping grounds for RV adventurers! Richard Scott recently caught up with an RV group getting ready to take in a sunset. By Richard Scott A caravan snakes across the border, perpetually southbound. RVers from all over the U.S and Canada head for warmer weather every Winter. For many, Rocky Point is their first experience of Mexico. A group of twenty-seven vehicles recently set up camp here next to the Sea of Cortez. “We’re here for a week.” The lady from Northern California lists all she and her husband (and their poodle?) have lined up. [caption id="attachment_2962" align="alignright" width="300"]photo Karen Aldridge photo Karen Aldridge[/caption] “Sunset cruise, a night of all the great taco stands, out to see Sea Lions, maybe whales too, and this…” she says, spreading her arms wide “…is a great beginning.” Perfectly timed, a large ‘V’ formation of Pelicans glides by. There’s happy chatter as 54 RVers walk out onto the terrace of La Casa del Capitan Restaurant, located at the top of Rocky Point’s tallest spot, Whale Hill. Many stories above the ocean, taking in the view toward the resorts on Sandy Beach, and anticipation of a spectacular, wide, open sunset. “We’ve got like an hour till the sun goes down” says Russ Black. “Let’s order food. They have good Margaritas too.” Russ runs Peñasco Recreation Company, guiding groups large and small to Rocky Point and other interesting places in Northern Mexico. He tells me about this trip. “These folks met up in Las Vegas. When we crossed into Mexico at Sonoyta, the local police blocked traffic so we could drive through town smoothly. We got here in about an hour, then settled into the RV Park, which is right on the beach. I like to come up here because you can really….” [caption id="attachment_2963" align="alignleft" width="300"]rvrs photo Russ Black[/caption] Dah-duh-daahh..duh-duh-duh-daahh. Our talk comes to a stop as the Mariachis start. Black suits, boots, and white shirts. Three or four sizes of guitar, violins and trumpets. A young guy with jet black hair and the smallest of guitars steps forward, singing. Everyone is in the mood and some whistle and shout their support. A sea of smiles, and then a sea of cameras. Everyone is taking shots of the musicians. “Hey, look.” my friend from California says, turning towards the ocean. Her face glows orange. “It’s starting to go down.” “Group shot” Russ calls out as the Mariachis sing “Cuando calienta el sol, aqui en la playa……”  ]]>