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Sonora joins Tourism Stage at 2023 Potentur Expo

Monterrey, Nuevo León. August 29, 2023

Sonora, the gem of northwestern Mexico, stands out once again on the tourism front, this time at the 2023 Potentur Expo held in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

Organized by the Government of Sonora via the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur), the event sought to establish commercial alliances to further promote more tourism destinations in the region.

Sonora Secretary of Tourism, Roberto Gradillas Pineda, stressed the importance of collaborating with the National Platform on Tourism Projects and Innovation (Potentur). Working together while sharing ideas and experiences is fundamental to strengthening the tourism industry within the state and in Mexico.

“For us in the Ministry of Tourism it is essential to work in collaboration with you and strengthen our bonds to increase tourism to varied destinations,” remarked Gradillas Pineda.

Pontentur, with more than 350 participating business members, connects these figures with more than 4500 registered travel agents. This in turn creates a network of cooperation that encourages promotion and growth of tourist destinations. 

Participation in the 2023 Potentur Expo represents not only an opportunity to strengthen business relationships, but also to emphasize the beauty and charm of Puerto Peñasco and other sites in Sonora. The golden coast, the crystal waters of the Sea of Cortez, and the hospitality of the Sonoran people continue to attract visitors from across the globe.

From the heart of northwestern Mexico, Sonora is proud to represent the richness of its tourist destinations at such an important event.

We hope to see more visitors enjoying Puerto Peñasco, the best beach destination in northwestern Mexico!  For more information on our tourism offerings and upcoming events, visit our official website and follow us on social media.  We’ll see you in Sonora!

Source: Sonora Ministry of Tourism (Sectur)