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Skate Park project would attract new tourism

skateprkThe Mayor reviewed the drawings for the skate park, which would consist of a series of ramps that when combined provide various tracks, jumps, or area for tricks, and made the commitment to pursue necessary steps to obtain resources for the project. Staff from the U.S. based Uncle Skate Charity are also interested in this project and have even helped in drawing up plans while donating equipment and promotion for the Skate Park. Also in attendance at the meeting were Aldo Gabriel Reyes Limón and Cristian Ramsburgh, two young Puerto Peñasco skaters who earned 146th and 151st place out of 210 competitors in the U.S. These are important spots within the skateboarding world. The “Skate Park” possibility represents a new opportunity for Peñasco to attract yet another type of tourism, principally to a broad base of youth who could visit to compete or watch skate events, along with their families.]]>