Come to Rocky Point


“SAFE POINT” is Puerto Peñasco’s guarantee that you will always find a healthy & safe place to stay.

As the main developing tourist destination in Northwestern Mexico, far from dropping its guard, Puerto Peñasco acted quickly in response to these complicated times caused by the global pandemic. This helped ensure the entire tourism sector could continue working under strict health and safety guidelines, and guarantees you are able to travel and relax in a safe destination, a SAFE POINT.

What does this mean?

This means that for Puerto Peñasco to reopen to visitors, hotels, restaurants, and other tourism service providers made a strong commitment to meet the needs and conditions of those vacationing here. This helped minimize any risk of Covid-19 spread among them, their employees, and the community.

This translated into extraordinary efforts from all hotel, motel, resort, and restaurant personnel, who prepared accordingly to obtain “SAFE POINT” certification.

Certification means that businesses had to establish strict cleaning protocols, including: cleaning and disinfecting of rooms and pools, and any surface with frequent human contact, social distancing measures within their facilities, reminders as to ongoing use of antibacterial gel, politely reminding guests to wear face masks, use of thermal cameras, and even taking the temperature of every employee and visitor.

Living during times of a pandemic does not mean moving around carelessly, but rather implies we need to be responsible in caring for our health and that of our families, and exercising the utmost caution in where we visit.  Here in Puerto Peñasco, we make sure to comply with everything you need to feel safe. 

Our tourist destination is a privileged spot for activities such as camping, ATVs, jet-skiing, sports fishing, zip lining, and ecotourism, just to mention a few of the outdoor activities you can take in without being in a crowd.

Another point in our favor is the “Safety Corridor”, allowing you to take advantage of this road-trip destination, as you can easily get here in just a few hours from the comfort of your own car.

Established in March 2018, the “Safety Corridor” covers the highway from the border at Lukeville, Arizona, all the way to Puerto Peñasco, ensuring that travelers enjoy a safe trip. Telephones along the route can be used for assistance in case of emergency, and highway signage provides information as to places to visit and activities to enjoy during your stay in Puerto Peñasco. 

Being a “SAFE POINT” destination means adapting to the needs of the current pandemic. 2021 will see ongoing implementation of strict health and safety measures, as well as restricted hours on general movement, both across the city as well as area beaches.
Get to know all of the city’s protocols and view the list of places that have obtained their “Safe Point” certification HERE