Come to Rocky Point

Rocky Point’s sea isn’t just to admire from shore

Planning a trip to Rocky Point conjures up the beach, sea, sand, and all the fun to be had in the water! Along with the tremendous biodiversity of sea life, you’ll find plenty of options to ensure a deluxe vacation in this heavenly corner of the Sea of Cortez.

We’d like to share some of the top aquatic activities you’ll come across in Rocky Point. Any of these adventures will transform your day into an unequaled experience, which only our port’s nature can offer.

Let’s start with boat tours so you can cruise and possibly come across giant whales or playful dolphins. You can also sail out to Isla San Jorge, popularly known as Bird Island, for a close encounter with one of the largest populations of sea lions in Mexico, along with migratory birds. Or, perhaps take advantage of an evening cruise to relish a spectacular sunset.

For those who like to feel the sea up close, there are banana boats or jetskis, services which can be found along public beaches or near area resorts.  Whether solo, tandem, or in a group, we recommend you look for these rides from beaches offering guaranteed service and care.  They’ll be sure to fit you with a life jacket and help you up on the jetski or banana so you can enjoy the adrenaline that only the combination of sea and speed can provide.

If you’re more into calm, taking in the ebb and flow of the tides at your own rhythm, then maybe kayaks or paddleboards are more up your alley. Enjoy a leisurely float across the water, alone or with a partner, guided by your paddles.  Just check for services offered at several resorts, and in town. Some may also have water-bikes available so you can get your exercise in as you skirt across the sea.

Are you into adrenaline and exploring the depths?  In Rocky Point you’ll find companies that offer both snorkeling and scuba diving, along with highly trained staff.  If you’re already an expert, you’re sure to be familiar with safety protocols. Yet, if you’re interested in learning, classes are also available.

Want to go fishing? Rocky Point is outstanding as there are various companies dedicated to organizing trips for fishing aficionados. Organized for small groups, these fishing trips offer the chance to test your skills to reel in one of the many species found in the Sea of Cortez.  If you’re lucky enough for a big catch, the boat crew can help prepare it and cook it right there or you can take it home to share with others.

In addition to all these options in our sea port, which is continually making strides to strengthen inclusion, certain beaches now offer special amphibious wheelchairs to provide safe access to the sea for all.  Plus, one of the prestigious resorts in town has special pathways to facilitate additional accessibility to the sea for those in wheelchairs. This same resort also has a special chair to assist pool entry for people with disabilities.

There’s unlimited fun to be found on Rocky Point’s beaches! You’ll be catered to by trained staff and tour operators that have been certified by experts of the Ministry of Tourism and specialized instructors.

Come and feel the adrenaline of the sea! Come and feel Rocky Point!