Come to Rocky Point

Rocky Point welcomes first RV caravan of 2021!

Dozens of tourists traveling from Nevada, California, Arizona, and other spots across the United States, recently made their way by land in RVs to enjoy the attractions and climate of Puerto Peñasco. Approximately 21 RVs arrived in town on March 2nd, 2021, just prior to Spring.

These visitors, who set up in RV or Trailer parks for up to a week or so, have an itinerary in place and guided tours planned out that allow them to explore some of Puerto Peñasco’s most emblematic spots. They also get to enjoy boat cruises, spectacular sunsets, fishing trips, and golf outings, among other areas to explore.

The majority of RV travelers are older adults who, in addition to getting to visit new spots in small groups, can also explore during their free time or simply enjoy their stay in front of the immense Sea of Cortez while basking in the great weather.

In Rocky Point, companies such as Peñasco Recreation lead special tours for those traveling in RV caravans. Each adventure includes an itinerary designed specifically so RVers can enjoy each and every day of their stay, and above all feel comfortable within a Safe Point such as Rocky Point.  The city itself has been praised for its timely compliance with social distancing protocols, as well as health and safety measures required during Covid-19.

If you’d like more information about these tours so you can become more familiar with some of the best sites in Rocky Point, visit the link: RV Parks