Come to Rocky Point

Rocky Point remains open to visitors and with health measures in place

Puerto Peñasco remains open to visitors, along with its beaches, to make sure you enjoy this summer vacation season! Nevertheless, these are not times to let our guard down and we must care for each other.

The warm beaches of this paradisiacal destination, as well as its resorts and businesses, remain open to tourism and residents alike. They are able to do so as they continue operating under health and safety protocols, with necessary measures in place so they can function appropriately.

We are in the middle of the summer season, which is a time of intense heat that simply invites one to escape.  Why not seek release with a dip in the sea along our coast, or in one of the many pools at area hotels and resorts? Or, possibly take in a boat cruise to admire the spectacular sunset along with music and drinks. Visit a restaurant to sample local cuisine, take in all the outdoor activities from ATV rentals to ultralights, enjoy a simple stroll along the malecon, or sink your toes into the sand in a hidden beach nook.

You can undoubtedly enjoy all this and more to the max, while not forgetting we’re still in a period of heightened health alerts. This is why we must continue caring for our health and that of our families by practicing responsible tourism.

This is as simple as continuing to wear masks in enclosed spaces, having limited gatherings, washing hands, and maintaining a safe social distance in as much as possible.  This tourist destination has maintained a low rate of Covid-19 cases so far, due in large part to the period the city was closed down last year along with its gradual reopening under strict protocols. This has helped it remain its status as a Safe Point.

There’s been significant progress in applying Covid vaccinations across the country and regionally so we can reach necessary immunity, much as is being done in Arizona and California, which are our principal markets.

The Puerto Peñaso Convention and Visitors Bureau has strengthened our own promotional campaigns for this beautiful port in an effort to revive tourism. At the same time, we’ve participated directly in tasks such as setting up health filters, checking reservations, promoting protocols, and even assisting with cross-border vaccination clinics. We do all of these things as our main goal is to welcome you, along with your family and friends, and ensure an enjoyable stay in this corner of the Sea of Cortez while caring for your overall well-being.