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Rocky Point reinstates various Health Restrictions as of Aug. 9th

Restriction measures on capacity and hours at restaurants, bars and family events will resume in Puerto Peñasco as of August 9.

As a measure to contain COVID-19 cases during this phase of the virus spread, the Municipal Public Safety and Health Board held an extraordinary session and agreed to apply measures to restrict hours and capacity at some establishments.

City Secretary Terencio Gutiérrez explained this mainly entails limiting hours, as in the case of bars, which must close at 11:00 p.m. and only have 50% of their capacity.

Gutierrez highlighted all types of events in which minors under 15 are exposed, such as piñata birthday parties, baptisms or youth parties, as well as league sports are prohibited.

Similarly, restrictions will be applied in restaurants with only 50% capacity allowed, while only 40% will be allowed in places for social gatherings and parties.

The municipal decree states that tourist boats will also only operate at 50% of their passenger capacity, including crew, as a preventive measure.

The city secretary indicated if an increase in COVID-19 infections is registered, measures will be intensified. He called on the community to follow basic rules such as social distancing, hand washing, use of hand sanitizer and face masks to go anywhere.

He regretted that, after Puerto Peñasco’s slow economic recovery, these measures must be taken again due to the increase in COVID-19 cases in this municipality.