Come to Rocky Point

Rocky Point readies for world’s most extraordinary Grand Desert Race

Puerto Peñasco (aka Rocky Point) is set to host the Grand Desert Race, Oct. 22nd – 23rd, with participation of ultra-marathon runners from across Mexico and the U.S.  The unprecedented extreme race competition will take athletes through the dunes, dry marshes, and mountain range of the Greater Altar Desert.

The extreme race will bring together runners anxious to cross the varied surfaces offered by the Sonoran Desert and the Sea of Cortez. Promoted by the Sonoran Ministry of Tourism, this is a unique opportunity in the country with four categories offered to promote participation of the entire family.

The Grand Desert Race is being promoted nationally, and across the U.S., as one of the most impressive races in the world given the routes through diverse ecosystems runners will follow along the Pinta Mountain Range and Playa San Jorge in Puerto Peñasco.

The organizing and promotional committee of the Grand Desert Race continues to work on scouting locations, as well as logistics to confirm route details. This includes planning for hydration stations, as well as camping at Playa San Jorge where participants will be staying. 

The four race categories include: Ultra Trail (75 KM over 2 days), Mega Desert Run (50 KM over 2 days), the 25K Desert Run and 10K Fun Run for the whole family.

The large scale global event is a fantastic opportunity to showcase Puerto Peñasco and the spectacularly magical region of the Sonoran Desert and Sea of Cortez.

Registration already includes expert runners and fans from Sonora, Mexico City, and Spain. Promotion includes travel and stay packages, providing the chance to really experience and get to know the majestic desert scenery and our coasts.

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