Come to Rocky Point

Relishing Spring Break in all its splendor!

Rocky Point welcomes visitors with open doors, and health protocols in place to make sure we all care for each other. Not to worry, to reduce the feeling of confinement, we’ve got plenty of outdoor activities for you to enjoy!

Just being in front of the sea, while soaking up the sun and sea breeze, is enough to wipe away daily routines and bask in your vacation by taking advantage of all the low-risk outdoor activities during this ongoing pandemic.

Rocky Point offers a variety of spots to visit. One option for adventurers and those who love nature is camping in certain areas. You can relax with friends or family under the serene night sky, away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Take advantage of our location and plan a road trip along the Safety Corridor. Gather up your camping gear as adventure awaits!

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You may choose to stay in a tent at the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve where you can hike along specific routes, such as those at the Schuk Toak museum, or take in the variety of majestic craters. By night, take a front row to observe the spectacular constellations and millions of stars!

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If an RV rather than a tent is more your style, there are several RV parks across the city to ensure a pleasant and fun-filled stay. Some of these are beach front, allowing the sound of the waves and seagulls to be the first thing you hear each morning. This option will provide you a connection to nature along with proximity to the port. You’ll be just minutes away from restaurants, bars, and of course the Malecon.

To top-off your trip, you can venture out with local experts to the highest dunes to experience the extreme thrill of sandboarding. Or how about hopping over to the zipline located on the road to Cholla Bay? This is an experience you surely won’t forget, as from up high you can see how the desert merges with the sea. You’ll take home treasured memories of the surrounding landscape.

You can also bring your own bike if you wish. Ask about the best mountain biking trails, as well as for already established cycling groups. Or, take advantage of biking around town to explore quaint spots, discover new restaurants, and of course stop for souvenirs.

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The best land, air, and sea activities are in Rocky Point!
Come and feel nature, come and feel Rocky Point!