Come to Rocky Point

Ready to make a wish?

In addition to Rocky Point’s amazing sunsets, meteor showers are another incredible spectacle you can enjoy and, if you’re lucky, capture in a photograph.

Did you know there are still meteor showers to take in before year’s end? These are among the best, including the Leonids meteor shower in November. You can catch this annual spectacle of nature from various spots around Rocky Point!

Where and when you can catch upcoming meteor showers in Rocky Point:

The recommendation is to make your way to open spaces beyond the city lights, or to a remote beach. Have your camera ready, preferably mounted on a tripod for stability, while not losing sight of the night sky.  It’s important to go to your chosen spot in advance in search of the perfect frame, and then wait for the peak time of the meteor shower.

Another fantastic recommendation is to catch a meteor shower at the Shuck Toak Visitors Center and Museum located 27 kilometers outside the city.  Shuck Toak, which will open on nights of the most prominent meteor showers, provides an astronomy guide who will share information about the celestial phenomenon. At times, people can also camp in the area in order to fully relish in the event.  As space is limited, be sure to request information in advance from the Reserva de la Biosfera del Pinacate Facebook page.

According to the astronomical calendar, The Taurid and Leonid meteor showers can be seen between November 6th – 30th, with the best visibility spanning the nights of Nov. 16th and 17th.

Yet, according to astronomers, we can enjoy the best Taurid meteor showers, or rather the so called “balls of fire”, on the nights of Nov. 11th and 12th.  The moon will be at 7% on the peak night, so we’ll surely be able to enjoy the show!

The following meteor shower, the Geminids, will take place December 4th – 17th. The peak evening will be December 14th.  For astronomers, the Geminids are the queen of meteor showers given the tremendous number of falling stars to be seen. In this constellation, one can see up to 120 falling meteors per hour!

The final meteor shower of 2020 is the Ursids, from December 17th – 26th. The best night to catch a glimpse of the Ursids meteor shower is December 21st. This meteor shower won’t be as visible as the moon will be at 53%.

With these dates in mind, you have time to prepare an outing to somewhere special away from the city lights so you can enjoy a true gift of nature.  Already know where you’ll go?  Rocky Point awaits!