Come to Rocky Point

Ready to catch a meteor show in Puerto Peñasco?

The Perseids are the most visible meteor showers of the year, and they will be making their clearest appearance in the area on August 12th.

This natural phenomenon happens when the Earth’s gravity intercepts remains from a comet’s orbit, vaporizing them as they speedily race into our atmosphere.

To enjoy the Aug. 12th “show”, we recommend you visit an unobstructed, dark area where city or building lights won’t affect visibility, for example like El Pinacate or perhaps a faraway beach. Excursions to El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve (with Sonora en Marcha Tour or Pinacate Tours) have been booking up as they prepare to take people camping so they can appreciate the meteor shower in the clearest of areas without city lights.

So, if you don’t want to miss this meteor shower or any of those coming up, seek out a special location, or book your spot on an excursion group. We guarantee you’ll have fun.

However, if you do miss this one, no worries, there are two more meteor showers scheduled to take place this year:
the “Orionidas” shower is expected to give us a show in October, and the “Leonidas” shower is expected for November.

If you are interested in booking a trip, contact the Facebook sites of “Lluvia de estrellas en el Pinacate Edición Perseidas”, “Sonora en Marcha Tours” or “Pinacate Tours” You can also call El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve at 638 105 8016, 638 108 0011 or contact the “Schuk Toak” visitors center at 638 383 1433.