Come to Rocky Point

Zipline in Rocky Point!

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If you’re into extreme sports and planning a trip to Puerto Peñasco, be sure not to miss out on the zipline experience on the way to Cholla Bay, offering a high adrenaline rush above the dunes, rocks, and even the Sea of Cortez!

The Puerto Peñasco zipline is a relatively new offering in Puerto Peñasco, providing fun at soaring heights along five lines, one of which at 2000 meters and 150 feet up is one of the longest in Mexico.

After being outfitted for a harness and safety helmet, the fun for all ages begins from the moment you start toward the launch platform, as you hop on an all-terrain truck that takes you up “Loma de la Cholla” (also known as competition hill).

The Puerto Peñasco zipline has so far principally attracted visitors from the US, but also Austria and Germany, as well as from the states of Baja California and Chihuahua in Mexico.

As noted earlier, the Puerto Peñasco zipline is unique in that it offers a view over dunes, rocks, and the coasts of the Sea of Cortez in a single trip, providing a spectacular panorama to all who seek adventure!

For more information, contact Tel: 638 127 2530