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Old Port Church

The oldest church in Puerto Peñasco is located in the Old Port, just steps away from Malecon Fundadores. This church still holds mass, as well as marriage ceremonies and special celebrations. If you are in the area be sure to visit this church and appreciate its architecture.


Located in the heart of the Old Port, this is a traditional meet-up spot and emblematic area where you can stop and admire the greatness of the Sea of Cortez. In the main plaza you will come across the large Shrimp fisherman’s statute, the symbol of our city, as well as the central statue emblematic of two doves, and further along a monument to José el Pescador. The malecon is encircled by Colosio Plaza and a corridor full of curios shops, bars, and restaurants. It’s a place to visit with your family for a nice stroll or a pleasant bike ride, perhaps a visit to the curios shops for a souvenir to take home.  At the right time, you can watch the tourist and fishing boats as they enter and leave the docks. This is, without a doubt, a place you shouldn’t miss whenever you visit Puerto Peñasco.

Morua Estuary

A large lagoon that harbors hundreds of marine species and birds, as well as oyster farms. Here you can eat oysters straight from the shell, fulfilling the phrase “from the sea to your mouth.” Entrance to the oyster farm on Morua Estuary is located 7 kilometers south on the highway towards Caborca.

La Cholla

Mainly home to residents from the U.S., this is one of the first areas founded in Puerto Peñasco, and home to up to 5000 residents during the vacation season. This is where “Competition Hill” is, as well as another estuary full of a wide variety of birds and marine life.

Competition Hill

This large hill with white sand rises 100 meters above sea level and can be found at the end of Sandy Beach on your way to Cholla Bay. Tourists and locals alike get together here to race their all-terrain vehicles, especially during the Holy Week period known as Semana Santa.

Bird Island (San Jorge Island)

One of the most important islands nationally, with a radius of 130 sq. kms, Bird Island harbors sea lions and a variety of migratory birds. At this archipelago you can go fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, or simply swim while getting up close & personal with the local sea lions (but not too close).


This emblematic area is one of the main zones in the southeastern part of Puerto Peñasco. Here you can find dozens of hotels, RV Parks, night clubs, and restaurants all surrounded by beach. Without a doubt, a must visit area.

Schuk Toak Museum

Located 27 kilometers north of Puerto Peñasco and accessed from the Sonoyta-Peñasco Highway, this Visitor’s Center houses an interactive museum along with documentaries about the history and beauty of the volcanic shield as well as the local flora and fauna found at the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve. The museum also offers an interpretative path outside the building and is the largest public building in the country to run exclusively on solar power.

Old Dock

This weathered construction dates to the 1940’s and is located at the end of the street leading to the Malecon. This age-old dock was retired after the newer docks were built, but it is still used for recreational fishing. Some locals and tourists like to use the old wooden planks to jump off of during the summer.

Calle 13

This street receives the most traffic during the vacation season, teeming with national and foreign tourists alike.  Along this street you can find a wide variety of businesses, including hotels, restaurants, bars, and more curios! It is also the main street that connects the city with the hotel and resort area.

Islas del Mar

A real estate development located northeast of the city, offering 1.5 miles of beach front, 290 hectares for their “Master Plan”, and a Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course.

Manny's Beach Club

This Restaurant-Bar is located right on the beach in the heart of the Mirador and a spot where you can take the whole family and stay the entire day. By night, the mood turns towards partying with live music at “La Oficina”, which is one of its exterior bars. In the past, Manny’s was synonymous with fun and good times. After about 10 years, it has come back to life with new facilities and a guaranteed party environment.


The Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans (CEDO) is housed in a longstanding structure in Las Conchas, with a welcoming whale skeleton near its entrance, and is focused on research and different types of studies related to the desert and the Sea of Cortez. You can visit to request information on our ecosystem as well as for guided tours through natural protected areas. Among the tours CEDO offers:  “Discovering Tidepools”, “Bird Island & Snorkeling trip”, “Pinacate Adventures”, “Walk to the Dunes”, “Exploring the Morua Estuary” (Walking or Kayaking).

Mar de Cortez Aquarium

This small aquarium located in the Mirador area is home to different types of sea turtles that have been rescued, as well as other species endemic to the region.  There are large fish tanks for different species, among them the Clown Fish (Yes, the one from the movie “Finding Nemo”), snails, and even sea horses. As part of the project there is a large pool for sea lions, a restaurant, and a small garden for special events. A giant skeleton of a shark head at the entrance is just perfect for that unique photo op. Open daily. While there is no cost to enter, the aquarium does take donations that are used for maintenance.

Pitahaya Bar

A quaint bar located in the Mirador area that evokes 90’s nostalgia. An ideal place to have a drink under palapas, listening to some “oldies” music, walk on the beach, or just rent a room in the old Granada del Mar Hotel.

La Salina

Is an area located 97 kilometers from Puerto Peñasco, off the Peñasco-El Golfo highway, showcasing the truly spectacular landscape. On one side there are the wetlands of the Bay of Adair, and on the other are sand banks. To the south is the highest part of the Gulf of California.  This is considered to be sacred land by the Tohono O’odham ethnic group, who marked out “The Salt Route”, which is an ancestral custom of traveling through the zone which they would call “the salt walk”.


This unique concept restaurant with a country feel to it is located just outside the city, after turning right at the railroad tracks leading to the El Golfo Coastal Highway.  Not only will you be able to enjoy a delicious regional meal and hot coffee, but you can hang out with, and even feed, the several animals that reside there, from horses, donkeys, and rabbits, to several types of birds and of course coquettish peacocks that greet you as you arrive. 

This public space is located on Benito Juarez Blvd., just a few meters from the highway entrance when coming from Sonoyta, and right next to the baseball stadium. 

The park, which was built in honor of all mothers, is a welcoming spot for the entire family with inviting playground equipment, some of which are handicap inclusive. There are also sidewalks, plenty of space for skating, a kiosk in the center, and plenty of green areas.

 Shrimp Plaza: Established in the 1980s, this is the oldest plaza in the city. It was built to honor shrimp fishermen and the “pink gold” they seek. Shrimp Plaza is located in the heart of Puerto Peñasco on Benito Juarez Blvd., across from City Hall. Surrounded by benches and businesses, the park has an art kiosk in the center plenty of green areas. It frequently serves as space for fairs and other public events, and is ideal for strolling around, spending an evening on a bench, or taking your pet out for a walk.

Governors’ Plaza: Located within the Malecon, this sea front plaza is designed with pillars and plaques put in place to represent the Governors who attended the 2007 XXV Border State Governors Meeting held in Puerto Peñasco. It is an extensive plaza in the middle of a corridor filled with curios, restaurants, and bars where you can sit and enjoy breathtaking sunsets. It is an ideal spot for the entire family and a favorite space for national tourists who enjoy listening to bandas.

Hotel La Roca: Located in the heart of the Old Port, this vintage hotel was built from stone in 1927. Its walls keep stories and legends of gangsters and supposed constant visits made by Al Capone himself of when the hotel functioned as a betting place. Today it functions as a hotel offering comfortable rooms, but with plenty of history within its walls. The hotel, which displays a case of antiques, is only a few steps from the Malecon and is surrounded by curios and galleries.

The Seashell Museum:  At this private museum, open only on Fridays, you will come across a temple of creativity along with a fragment of treasures from the beach. Founded by Naomi and Russ Black, the small museum located on Ramon Figueroa street houses objects made from seashells and other small items the couple has gathered over 35 years. There are also illustrations, videos, and shelves displaying a myriad of shells from the region. 

Rodeo Drive: This grand curio corridor is located on the old road to Cholla Bay at the end of Revolución street. Hugging the long stretch of welcoming sidewalks, you can find all the folkart you can imagine, from handcraft pieces made with seashells to iron or clay, paintings, sarapes, and other traditional Mexican items.  There are also restaurants offering tasty Mexican cuisine. In early November, the street turns into a cultural space for events surrounding Día de Muertos, with a parade of Catrinas and altars to the faithful departed.

The Pinacate and Greater Altar Desert Biosphere Reserve:  This is truly a magical area encrusted in the middle of the Sonoran desert, where thousands of years of history have left their mark with incredible craters, El Elegante being the largest. Its abundant biodiversity consists of at least 40 different mammals, 200 types of birds, and 40 kinds of reptiles, along with amphibious creatures, and even the endangered pronghorn, Sonoyta turtle, and Gila monster. UNESCO named El Pinacate a World Heritage Site , and its biology station is located at Km 52 of the Sonoyta-Puerto Peñasco highway.

Tequila Factory: The Tequila Factory, located on Benito Juarez Blvd, is a spot where you can learn everything about the tequila we like to bring home and sample several types of tequila made in different parts of Mexico, all while getting a fun speech on how tequila is made and the various types there are. Visit the Tequila Factory and choose the tequila that best suits your palette.