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The health of residents and visitors alike is our main priority. To make sure you can enjoy your time in safe and healthy conditions, we are collaborating with the Secretary of Health and authorities on steps to ensure the best services!

Puerto Peñasco, Sonora; March 19, 2021.-

In order to safeguard the life and integrity of residents and visitors, and as part of the strategy of continuing to “breathe life” into the economy under the “Peñasco se Activa” plan, members of the Municipal Health and Safety Board approved new preventive measures and protocols for the 2021 Spring Break and Easter holiday period. This reinforces the work being carried out to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 during the start of the tourist season.

The proposal approved by the Council encompasses from February 26 to March 14, the Spring Break holiday period, as well as from March 29 to April 4 during the Easter holiday period. Following these periods, the protocols will return as previously defined.


During the vacation period from March 29th – April 4th, the following hours will be in effect. As of April 5th, protocols and hours will return to how they were previously defined.

  • Hours for activities from Monday – Thursday 6:00 a.m. – midnight
  • Hours for activities from Friday – Sunday 6:00 a.m. – 1:00 a.m.

2. No restriction on hours for: hospital and medical equipment services, pharmacies, security services, assistance and civil protection, essential public services such as electricity, water, telecommunications, postal service, gas stations, insurance adjusters, taxis, funeral services, and distribution centers for essential activities.

3. Mandatory use of masks at all commercial businesses and food services, both upon entry and exit, as well as during stay (masks can be removed only to eat or drink); compliance with all previously established health and safety protocols

4. Mandatory use of masks in vehicles when there are two people or more, no exception for family members; non-compliance will entail fines

5. Authorization for holding of social events at Event Halls, preferably by day and in compliance with the hours defined in point number 1, respecting a capacity of 40% for enclosed spaces and 50% for open air spaces, complying with all previously established health and hygiene protocols.

6. No social events at individual residences with music at high volume (bands, techno-bands, groups, or anything similar)

7. Authorization for gatherings at individual homes that do not exceed 10 people. Should all be part of same family nucleus and held preferably in open air and in compliance with health and safety protocols.

8. Authorization for only one person per family in markets, supermarkets, convenience and grocery stores. In addition, mandatory use of masks and health protocols remain in effect.

9. Authorization to only allow 30% capacity at commercial businesses such as: Sam’s, Bodega Aurrera, Ley Express, Super Ley, Coppel, Elektra, Super del Norte, etc.

10. For restaurants, restaurant/bars, nightclubs, etc.: mandatory use of masks upon entry and when moving within establishment to table; no people standing; masks may only be removed when ingesting food and beverages. Workers will be responsible to supervise compliance, as established in the published health protocols for the business. In addition, portable ozone generators must be installed in areas with little ventilation, this regulation applies to all commercial businesses.

11. It is prohibited to contract music groups and program music from vehicles in public roadways.

12. In the area of the Malecon, activities may be carried out between 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

13. Any failure to comply with the health and safety measures established to prevent the spread of Covid-19 may lead to sanctions.

Objective:  Clearly define steps for Administrators and/or Owners and/or Rental Companies and/or Owners of properties that offer Lodging services in Puerto Peñasco, so they may reactive operations, in compliance with all established guidelines, related with the Agreement which ascribes Specific Technical Guidelines for Reopening of Economic Activities, published in the Official Journal of the Federation, Friday, May 29, 2020. 

The strategy establishes that reopening of activities must be done gradually, orderly, and cautiously. Furthermore, in preparation, all health protocols must be followed. Therefore, the Government of Mexico provides “Specific Technical Guidelines for Reopening of Economic Activities,” for the purpose of ensuring an orderly, gradual, and cautious reopening of economic activities.

Success in returning to the new normal is the responsibility of everyone. The protocols are documents that entail a good faith commitment, therefore the information you provide us, under oath, must correspond to the real conditions of your property that offers Lodging services.


  1. The Federal Government provides the following on its site:  so you can obtain the health and safety protocols corresponding to each type of activity and size of the Property Offering Lodging Services. These can be found on the documents tab.
  2. Once the Property offering Lodging Services completes the self-evaluation registry regarding Health & Safety Protocol for businesses, which is located at , on the tab “Company Data” (Datos de la Empresa), and once your Property offering Lodging Services is approved by the Federal Government, the same system will issue an approval Code.
  3. With the Approval Code of the Federal Government, the Property offering Lodging Services will have to fill out the Letter of Commitment with the City Administration of Puerto Peñasco, which can be found at: at the Puerto Peñasco Office of Economic Development located at City Hall, first floor, at the address on the corner of Blvd. Benito Juarez and Blvd. Freemont.
  4. All Providers of Lodging Services are obligated to register their property to ensure compliance with health safety protocols.
  5. In an expository though not limited manner, a Provider of Lodging Services is understood to be one of the following:

    a) Hotels and Motels

    b) Condominium Regime (Homes and Condominiums)

    c) RV Park

    d) Daily Home Rentals

    e) And others that may apply where visitors may stay overnight

  6. The document is to be filled out by the Legal Representative or owner of the property or Rental Company, as applicable:

    a) For Hotels & Motels, this will be the Legal Representative.

    b) For Condominium Regimes, this will be the Administrator of the Condominium Regime and/or rental company.

    c) For RV Parks, this will be the Legal Representative.

    d) For Daily Home Rentals, this will be the Owner or Rental Company.

  7. Once this document is completed, you must take it to the Puerto Peñasco Office of Economic Development, located at City Hall, first floor, at the address on the corner of Blvd. Benito Juarez and Blvd. Freemont.
  8. Once the letter of commitment is approved by the Puerto Peñasco Office of Economic Development, it will be passed to the Office of Civil Protection in order to complete the Course on Steps to take at a Company to Prevent Contagion of Covid-19.
  9. All Properties offering Lodging, workplaces, as well as offices, common areas, elevators, hallways, hotel rooms, condominiums, daily home rentals, RV Park, etc. must be sanitized by one of the companies authorized by the Municipal Health Office, for more information contact 63838 85152
  10. Once all the above requirements are met, the Property offering Lodging will be certified by the City and authorized to offer Lodging services.
  11. Lodging services can only be offered if the property has been sanitized by one of the companies authorized by the Municipal Health Office. Therefore, each property, through its representative, owner, or rental company, must present proof and leave a copy of the certification services.
  12. The Sanitization Certification is valid for 15 days, therefore the property must be sanitized and present a new Certificate at least every 15 days.
  13. The legal representative of Hotels, Motels, or RV Parks / the Administrator of every Condominium Regime / The owner or renter of daily home rentals, will be responsible for sending in the valid Certificate of Sanitization in order to be on the list of certified properties that offer lodging services.
  14. The list of properties certified to offer Rental services will be sent to the Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Municipal Commissioner’s Office.
  15. Tour buses must only be at 50% capacity.
  16. Lodging centers that have federal maritime land must commit to having safety personnel monitoring that guests do not enter the sea.
  17. The lodging center must send the Convention and Visitors Bureau a daily copy with the name and date of visitors’ entry and departure.
  18. In case of failing to comply with the regulations established in this protocol, sanctions ranging from fines to business closures will be applied.

Process at the Control Point:

  1. Staff from the Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) will request:


    a) Identification of the driver and of each of the passengers, checking to see this coincides with the visitors’ notification, name, and date of entry on the list sent daily to the control point by lodging centers that have been certified by the City. If the information is not on the list, access will be denied.

    b) In addition, they will request information regarding the property where the visitor will be staying, that being a Hotel, Motel, RV Park, Development and Condominium Number, or Nomenclature if concerning a home.

  2. Personnel from the Navy and National Guard will take down information of vehicles and, with a thermal camera, take temperatures of all passengers in the vehicle. If everyone has a body temperature less than 37.5ºC (normal body temperature), they will be allowed entry.

    a) If any of the passengers has a high temperature, a second test will be done with a digital thermometer. If the person has a temperature less than 37.5ºC (normal body temperature), they will all be given entry to the city.

    b) In case this second test indicates a high temperature, the individual will be welcome to do a rapid test for Covid-19, with results in 15 minutes. If the passenger does not accept, entry into the city will be denied to all passengers. If undergoing the test, entry will be allowed depending on the test result.

Permanent Activities:

  1. Staff from the Municipal Health Office is responsible for update their Health Certification at least 4 days prior to expiration to prevent denial of entrance at the checkpoint and inform to the CVB Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco Convention Visitors Bureau)


  2. Representatives of Properties offering Lodging are obligated to inform their guests of regulations in the City such as:

    a) Restaurant/bars are operating at 40% capacity and all are following Covid-19 safety and health protocols

    b) Mandatory 10 p.m. curfew
    c) Bars and nightclubs are closed

    d) Sports fishing, boat cruises, and use of ATVs (razers, rhinos) is allowed. Use of jetskis, kayaks, sailboats, etc. is prohibited.

    e) More than two people per vehicle will be permitted when entering and leaving town, as well as when driving around the city. Masks are required.

    f) Use and enjoyment of federal beach concession area in front of each Property offering Lodging is allowed, this does not extend to swimming in the ocean.

    g) Visitors may use pools within the lodging center.

    h) Maintain a healthy distance of 1.5 meters at all times.

    i) Use of nose/mouth coverings (masks) is mandatory in public spaces.

    j) Inform guests most commercial establishments only allow one person from a group to enter.

    k) The malecón is closed.

    l) It is recommended, though not mandatory, to presently refrain from traveling with minors under 12, or adults over 65.

  3. To guarantee transparency, The list of properties certified by the City will be published on the official Puerto Peñasco City page,  as well as on the site of the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau ,  which will be consistently updated to indicate solely the following information:


    a) Name of Hotel / Motel / RV Park

    b) Condominium Development with condominium number and/or home

    c) And others that may apply where visitors may stay overnight



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