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Encouraging Spring Break numbers from Rocky Point

Puerto PeƱasco (aka Rocky Point) saw a positive influx of U.S. tourism over the recent Spring Break, welcoming over 135,000 visitors. Area beaches, streets, and lodging facilities were bursting with thousands of students and families, particularly from Arizona and California, who chose this vacation destination in March. This clearly highlights

Continual promotion of Puerto PeƱasco at prominent Travel Shows

Representatives of the Puerto PeƱasco Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) recently conducted a working tour to important events, including the Travel & Adventure Show in Los Angeles, CA, as well as the Agrobaja Culinary and Production Fair in Mexicali, Baja California. The tour also provided the opportunity to meet with

New Puerto PeƱasco ā€“ Tijuana Flight readies for April 29th take off

Puerto PeƱasco is soon to have an aerial connection once again via the Puerto PeƱasco-Tijuana route, connecting Puerto PeƱasco to the California market through national and international flights. April 29th is the launch date for Calafia Airlines to start operating the one-hour flight, which will connect Puerto PeƱasco with Tijuana

Combined efforts to ensure vacation Safety

To offer security and dignified attention to tourists and residents alike, the Puerto PeƱasco Convention and Visitors Bureau is part of a coordinated effort with the municipal police of Puerto PeƱasco, Sonoyta, state and federal agencies, and the local hotel sector.  The main objective is to prevent accidents while ensuring

Meeting with Mayor to strengthen tourism efforts

The Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCV) recently met with Puerto PeƱasco mayor Jorge Pivac Carrillo with the goal of strengthening bonds to bolster promotion of the city as one of the most important tourism destinations in Northwestern Mexico. At the meeting, which was held at City Hall, OCV president HƩctor

Convention and Visitors Bureau presents new road signs to neighboring Sonoyta

The Puerto PeƱasco Convention and Visitors (OCV) Bureau recently presented 16 new road signs to the neighboring city of Sonoyta.  These road signs are for principal avenues throughout the city, and aim to assist with clarifying speed limits and ensuring respect for traffic laws, for tourists and residents alike. HĆ©ctor

Productive Arizona tour included visits with Consuls and Press Outlets

Members of the Puerto PeƱasco Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) recently wrapped up a fruitful strategic and promotional tour through Arizona, where they met with consuls and press outlets. The objective of the OCV meetings in Arizona, which included OCV Director Lizette Ibarra and Administrative Promotional Assistant Camila Dominguez, was

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