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Las Palomas Beach and Golf Resort awarded International Safe Travel Distinction

Puerto Peñasco finds itself on the global stage in matters of health and safety protocols in caring for tourism. To underscore this, Las Palomas Beach and Golf Resort has become the first internationally recognized “Safe Travel” property in Sonora. This recognition, which has only been awarded to 160 companies worldwide,

Puerto Peñasco remains a Safe Point to vacation!

Just as tourism spots across the state, country, and the world, the global coronavirus pandemic took its toll on Puerto Peñasco in 2020 with beach closures, restricted hours and limits on travel at the border, and limited visits to popular sites. Nevertheless, the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau, in

Christmas is almost here! How will you celebrate?

Though this year has presented complicated moments for everyone in learning new ways of life, keeping our distance, and caring for ourselves and each other more than ever, we can’t let such an important traditional date slip us by. Christmas is still a time for gathering with loved ones, and

Whale watching season on the horizon

Whale watching season is nearing as these giants of the ocean approach the Pacific coast, making their way to warmer waters in the Sea of Cortez. Early in the year is when we can observe the natural spectacle put on by these enormous cetaceans as they skirt the coasts of

Puerto Peñasco highlighted as Sonoran Pride!

The production team of “Orgullo Sonorense” (Sonoran Pride), which airs on Telemex every Saturday at noon and Thursdays at 7 p.m., recently paid a visit to Rocky Point. Through interviews and on-site visits during their stay, the production team documented various trades and individuals that enhance the identity and roots

Turtle nesting in Puerto Peñasco

Dozens of olive ridley sea turtles arrive along Puerto Peñasco’s warm beaches yearly to nest and lay their eggs before returning to sea. The olive ridley turtles perform somewhat of a ritual, as the story describes that turtles return to where they were born to lay their eggs. Whether or

This year’s Thanksgiving is more about family than ever

Thanksgiving is one of the most important U.S. traditions, and one that continues to be adopted in Mexico. It is customary for friends and family to come together to give thanks over dinner for all they have received throughout the year. Though we’re living through a complicated time for gatherings,

Ready to make a wish?

In addition to Rocky Point’s amazing sunsets, meteor showers are another incredible spectacle you can enjoy and, if you’re lucky, capture in a photograph. Did you know there are still meteor showers to take in before year’s end? These are among the best, including the Leonids meteor shower in November.

CEDO to the rescue!

The season has come when sea turtles make their way to Puerto Peñasco’s shores to lay eggs before returning to sea. This provides a beautiful spectacle of nature for all who have the opportunity to witness it, as described by CEDO Executive Director Nélida Barajas who took part in a

Puerto Peñasco caring for tourism and residents alike

Puerto Peñasco is a safe destination for tourism. Most importantly is that residents and visitors continue adhering to current health protocols. For decades Puerto Peñasco has been a choice vacation spot for tourists from across Mexico and abroad. Currently, the city continues to adjust to health protocols due to the

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