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Celebrate Mexican Independence Day in Puerto Peñasco!

Mexico’s Independence Day is a time to celebrate, which Mexicans happen to be very good at! On the night of September 15th, people across Mexico gather to celebrate the “Grito de Dolores” (Call to Independence), and locally thousands of Puerto Peñasco residents and visitors will enjoy the festivities outside City Hall.

Regional artists and folk dancers perform at this family-fun event held in front of City Hall, where there are also fireworks and many traditional Mexican eats & treats, along with the traditional “burning of the castle”.

Several hotels and resorts in Puerto Peñasco offer guests their very own Mexican night, complete with mariachis, special presentations, fireworks, and special promotional rental packages.

This September 15th will also feature one of the most anticipated boxing events of the year, featuring the bout between Mexican Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Kazahk Gennady “GGG” Golovkin. Numerous restaurants and bars will be welcoming boxing fans that evening.

Just imagine spending the colorful Mexican National Holiday with parties, music, and on the beach! ¡VIVA!

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Exploring the depths in the “World’s Aquarium”

In addition to the natural beauty of our beaches, deserts, and dunes, along with the services Puerto Peñasco offers, how about exploring the Sea of Cortez through the lens of a scuba diver?

Named at one time by the late explorer and oceanographer Jacques Cousteau as “The World’s Aquarium”, The Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez) possesses exceptional beauty, tremendous biological diversity, and is home to several endemic species. With these virtues, in 2005 the United Nations Education and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) deemed Islands in the Protected area of the Gulf of California as a Natural Heritage Site.

Scuba diving is a privilege that daring individuals and explorers can enjoy while visiting Puerto Peñasco. Various dive excursions, whether individually or in a group, are available for divers of all levels, and accompanied by certified Dive Masters. Dive instructors are also available for those looking to literally get their feet wet in the world of scuba!

In Puerto Peñasco, scuba diving offers a new way to explore the area. Yet, where are good spots to dive (depending on tides and weather)? One may choose to dive from off a boat, or walk in from a spot along the beach, some of these include: Home Port area, Tucson Beach in La Cholla as well as the southern side of Cholla, the Mirador, and Las Conchas.

A wonderful area to dive is around Isla San Jorge (Bird Island), located less than 20 kilometers southeast of Puerto Peñasco. Bird Island dive spots offer depths of about 40 feet, and good visibility allowing one to observe curious sea lions, colorful fish, starfish, and there have even been sightings of a whale shark.

For more information on dive opportunities, you may contact Rocky Point Divers at, Del Mar Charters at 638-380-9678, or the dive and activity shop at Sonoran Sea.

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Did Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe visit Puerto Peñasco?

By Contributor Moka Hammeken

I was surfing online when suddenly I came across a historic photo with the caption: Marilyn Monroe visiting Puerto Peñasco with baseball star Joe DiMaggio and the famous Mexican umpire Carlos Alberto González, in July of 1953!

Could it be?

The photo shows a young lighthearted Marilyn sitting on the bow of a boat, with a desert landscape and house in the background. One of the photos shows her with DiMaggio and González, standing along the train tracks that used to make its way to the docks.

The couple, who attracted thousands of stares wherever they went, surely in a move to step out of the limelight and tabloids, a few months before their wedding in January of 1954 took off from San Francisco for a romantic trip south. They allegedly crossed the border and made their way to Puerto Peñasco, then a very discrete and romantic fishing village, which provided them with the privacy and beach life they sought.

DiMaggio and Monroe then returned to Russian River in California, where DiMaggio’s brother lived and, according to an article by the “Voice of Broadway”, where they went for quality family time before becoming man and wife.

Yet, the photos that appeared at an auction of Profiles in History, Hollywood Auction 65 Catalog, indicate a secret romantic escape to the beaches of Puerto Peñasco!

It’ not really hard to believe DiMaggio would bring his soon to be bride to this area, considering Sonora is a baseball state at heart (Guaymas is said to be the birthplace of baseball in Mexico), and even now our beaches and the Tiburones (local baseball team) welcome several baseball stars to town every now and again.

And so, a story of baseball and glamour, in which Puerto Peñasco participated as a discrete confidant.


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Zipline in Rocky Point!

If you’re into extreme sports and planning a trip to Puerto Peñasco, be sure not to miss out on the zipline experience on the way to Cholla Bay, offering a high adrenaline rush above the dunes, rocks, and even the Sea of Cortez!

The Puerto Peñasco zipline is a relatively new offering in Puerto Peñasco, providing fun at soaring heights along five lines, one of which at 2000 meters and 150 feet up is one of the longest in Mexico.

After being outfitted for a harness and safety helmet, the fun for all ages begins from the moment you start toward the launch platform, as you hop on an all-terrain truck that takes you up “Loma de la Cholla” (also known as competition hill).

The Puerto Peñasco zipline has so far principally attracted visitors from the US, but also Austria and Germany, as well as from the states of Baja California and Chihuahua in Mexico.

As noted earlier, the Puerto Peñasco zipline is unique in that it offers a view over dunes, rocks, and the coasts of the Sea of Cortez in a single trip, providing a spectacular panorama to all who seek adventure!

For more information, contact Tel: 638 127 2530

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Sandboarding in Rocky Point!

Imagine adrenaline-fueled defiance of speed and the desert dunes! This is sand boarding, the extreme sport that has been gaining popularity across the globe and which you can now enjoy on Puerto Peñasco’s dunes.

Here in Puerto Peñasco, sandboarding opportunities can be found on dunes near the Shuck Toak Visitor’s Center of the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve, as well as on sand adjacent to local oyster farms, and along Sandy Beach.

Sandboarding can only be done in areas where nature has provided generous mounds of fine sand. In Puerto Peñasco one has the added benefit of taking in the spectacular scenery of estuaries and desert landscapes as you glide down a dune.

People of all ages can experience the adrenaline of sandboarding, as adventurers range in age from young children to older adults. It is key, however, to rent a board just in case you don’t have your own, as well as make sure not to damage any local flora or fauna. Plus, if you’re out for a day of sandboarding please remember to “trek it in, trek it out,” and help keep the dunes clean!

For more information, contact RP Sand Crew at 638 384 0216.

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The wonder of Puerto Peñasco’s tides

Puerto Peñasco’s thrilling tidal movement is a spectacular show of nature, and a wonder to anyone lucky enough to witness it.  This phenomenal change in high and low tides can be easily admired by all as the sea recedes meters at a time, or as the water returns to cover parts of the beach.

Oceanographer Roberto Escalante Ramirez explains the extraordinary change in tides in this area is due to various factors, but mainly because the ocean floor along this coastal region is stretched out. In other words, the shallow depth makes the rise and fall of tides extremely notable.  

Furthermore, Puerto Peñasco is located in the Upper Gulf of California, which is itself a basin that produces a type of natural encasement of water currents, making the tidal shifts more visible.

The tidal shifts in Puerto Peñasco, while unique, can also be found at the Bay of Funday, Canada; in Santa Clara, Chile; Servern Beach Bristol, England; and La Rance, France, which all have similar conditions.

It really is amazing to see how at any given moment the sea appears to be moving away and at others you can watch as it covers the entire beach!  The best time to see the change in Puerto Peñasco’s tides is around the full or new moon, with Fall moons tending to lend to the highest and lowest tides.

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Father’s Day in Rocky Point

It can sometimes be challenging to decide what to give Dad, or how to make his Father’s Day incredible.  The list of possible “details” may seem to be less than that for Mother’s Day, but ohhh nooo! There’s always something to help Pops feel special.  How about inviting him to enjoy a baseball series here at home, or an afternoon of golf, possibly a beach day, or even a massage or a family trip to the movies?    One thing’s for sure, Dad shouldn’t have to pay for his own gift! Here’s a list of some options in Rocky Point to help celebrate:

Tiburones baseball – Home series against Rojos de Caborca  June 15th – 17th   *game times around 7:30 pm

Golf, anyone?

Take Dad out to one of Puerto Peñasco’s three courses – or maybe even all three, and make a weekend out of it!

The Links @ Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort

The Club @ Islas del Mar

Vidanta Golf (Mayan)

Dad may also enjoy a spa day, that’s right – how about a massage, pedicure, or manicure?

Peñasco Beauty Center

Sol y Mar Spa  (Las Palmas)

Lucy Spa

Acqua Spa

Vitality Spa

La Bella Spa

Dress him up!

We’re sure all the Dads out there would also appreciate …well, clothes!  How about something like beach wear, customs Tees, a belt, etc.


Boats & Tours

A regular must for the whole family is time on a boat, so how about a splash cruise or sunset journey – or possibly a day out to Bird Island…or Fishing???

Del Mar Charters

Eco Fun Rentals

Rocky Point Fishing Club

To wrap up celebrations, Dad and you can kick back in one of Rocky Point’s many watering holes – now also once again including Manny’s Beach Club in the Mirador!

Old Port area

BooBar over the Fish Market

The Satisfied Frog

Tekila Bar

Shark Bite – featuring Cesar López “El Vampiro”  June 15th – 16th


Pink Cadillac

American Legion *featuring BBQ potluck from 10 am – 4 pm *



Calle 13

OD Bar / Chabela’s

Southside Jillz – don’t forget about BBQ Sunday!


Sandy Beach to Cholla

La Cantina Sports Bar (Sonoran Sky)

El Tapeo (Laos Mar Best Western / Playa Bonita)


Chango’s  (have you checked out their pool?)

Swim Bar & Lounge (Bella Sirena)

Wrecked   featuring The Hillsons  12 pm – 3 pm

JJ’s Cantina

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Summer in Rocky Point!

It’s heating up in Rocky Point!  It’s time to bring out the swimsuit, dive into pools, stroll along beaches, wade into the sea, and explore several ways to refresh yourself.  There are unending summer activities in Puerto Peñasco to add to your travel list.

Thousands of people seek out the beaches of Puerto Peñasco for their warmth, as well as to enjoy the many temperature changes that can be felt in a single day!  Although high temps during the day can be felt as June begins, evenings and nights are still pleasantly fresh and enjoyable. July and August tend to be a bit more sultry at the beach, as humidity increases given the monsoon season to the north.


Here are some of the top activities you can enjoy in Puerto Peñasco this summer:

– Welcome the morning with an early beach walk as the sun is making its appearance. You can contemplate the peaceful sea, sound of the waves, and the early-birds singing their morning song.

– Kayaking or SUP.  Navigate a kayak, or hop on a Stand Up Paddleboard while exploring new safe waters where to row.  Jetskis and banana boats are also delights cutting across the water!

-Take an ultra-light ride where you can better appreciate the sea and city scape from a bird’s eye view. This is an experience that requires bravery and guarantees an adrenaline rush.

-Treat yourself to a cruise! Enjoy a spectacular sunset as you sail aboard one of the many cruise options Puerto Peñasco has to offer.  Or how about a day trip out to Isla San Jorge “Bird Island” to enjoy the company of sea lions and the thousands of birds that give this protected island its name. Snorkeling and kayaking are always on the day’s agenda when out on a trip to Bird Island!

– Sandboarding!  If you’ve got a board and ready to hit the sand dunes, we highly recommend doing this activity in the early morning hours, before the sun heats the desert sand, or in the evening close to sunset.

– Go swimming in resort/hotel pools and relax that body of yours. Check the waves and tides if you prefer to swim out at sea, though everyone should make sure to use good sunscreen!

– A relatively unknown activity in the area is scuba diving!  Yes! There are specialized groups that offer instruction and dive opportunities, where you will find hundreds of unimaginable sea creatures.

– How about a little bit of speed under the sun on an ATV/UTV?  This yearlong option is an exciting thrill for all!! Be sure to wear a helmet and drive carefully in specially designated areas.

– A trip to CEDO.  Visit the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans in Las Conchas to see the whale skeleton and learn more about the Sea of Cortes. Be sure to check their NaturArte ecotour trips, including exploration of area tidepools, kayaking, and more!

– A highly recommended must do is a visit to the Schuk Toak Visitors Center of the Pinacate and Grand Desert of Altar Pinacate Reserve. The eco-sustainable museum offers a wealth of information about the volcanic flows and mysteries of this spectacular UNESCO named Natural World Heritage Site.

– Beyond the Schuk Toak Visitors Center are the craters of the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve itself.  While summer may not be the best time to hike through the desert, be sure to go in the early morning hours before temperatures rise and to take lots of water!

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US Memorial Day Weekend in Rocky Point!

More than 30,000 people from Arizona and southern California, among other spots across the southwestern US, are expected to hit Peñasco’s shores for U.S. Memorial Day Weekend, making this one of the busiest vacation times of the year and marking the “unofficial” kick-off to the U.S. summer vacation season.

Several bars, restaurants, and condo resorts are planning special bands or events over the holiday weekend, plus there’s plenty of fun to be had along the beach, out at sea, on the golf course, or in exploring the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve!

Occupancy levels at Puerto Peñasco hotels and condominiums are expected to top 90% this holiday weekend.  Strengthened tourist numbers over Memorial Day have been sustained over the past three years, representing economic revenue for tourism and services along the lines of 35 million pesos.

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