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Let the Sea of Cortez witness the happiest day of your life!

Saying ā€œI doā€ to oneā€™s beloved while seaside under an endless sky is a dream that more and more couples are seeing come true in Puerto PeƱasco. Our coastal destination is a natural background to ensure dreams become reality, offering the beauty of our beaches, the best weather, and quality service.

Beachside weddings, through special planning and surrounded by friends and loved ones and the sea as witness, are a growing trend for Mexican couples and many from the U.S. and beyond who choose Puerto PeƱasco as the perfect spot to seal their love.

The romantic atmosphere framed by a seaside sunset is idyllic for engagements, bachelorette parties, weddings, anniversaries, honeymoons, and intimate dinners.

This spectacular destination offers a variety of services specializing in helping to make each celebration unique and incomparable. We encourage you to work with the event planner of your choice as they are experts who will guide you through the entire process and make sure everything goes smoothly.

If your dream is a luxury wedding accompanied by ocean waves, Puerto PeƱasco can surely offer something for you! From private beach side homes to restaurants or even spectacular terraces at elegant resorts, you can find decorations, banquets, live music, pastries, and boundless event details in this beautiful port.A beach side wedding will make for unique unforgettable memories, and will be extra attractive for all your guests who surely wonā€™t want to miss out on the opportunity to share in your celebration in this wonderful spot, bringing you closer and connecting you with Mexican warmth in front of the Sea of Cortez.

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How to celebrate U.S. holidays in Puerto PeƱasco?

Even though weā€™re already in the ninth month of the year, there are still some American holidays left to celebrate. Many people take advantage of these long weekends to head out and celebrate in another city. Such is the case for Puerto PeƱasco, which receives thousands of U.S. visitors looking to spend a fun holiday weekend with family or a group of friends at the beach.

Columbus Day (Oct. 14th in the U.S. this year), is celebrated as a day to commemorate Christopher Columbusā€™ discovery of America. In Mexico, this is commemorated on Oct. 12th, called ā€œDia de la Razaā€ (Day of the Race).  In some parts of the U.S. this has also come to be called Indigenous Peoples Day.  The three-day weekend is a great time to visit Puerto PeƱasco and take in the 34th edition of the colorful ā€œPiƱata Regattaā€. The hobie cat races showcase colorful sailboats from the neighboring states of Arizona and California that come to sail the Sandy Beach area and take advantage of the cooler weather.  Most bars also have special deals over the weekend, making Puerto PeƱasco the ideal spot to enjoy Columbus Day on the Sea of Cortez.

Halloween is another U.S. holiday that has become popular in Mexico. In Puerto PeƱasco, it has become a busy day with plenty of movement and kids dressed up in their most terrifying costumes who go ā€œtrick or treatingā€ to several different businesses and neighborhoods with U.S. expat communities, as they tend to be ready with candy and are eager to hand out treats! 

Many area bars and clubs throw Halloween parties, offering fun prizes for the best costumes as well as deals on food and drinks, and plenty of party and fun for all!

Another important date is November 11th, U.S. Veteranā€™s Day, honoring those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Thousands of people from the U.S. choose to spend the holiday in Puerto PeƱasco as it also coincides with the now famous Rocky Point Rally, the largest biker fiesta in northwestern Mexico.  Veteranā€™s Day, along with the Rocky Point Rally, turn the weekend into an extended week of patriotic celebrations and motorcycles. If you havenā€™t made your reservations, you still have a chance to do so and should because it fills up quick!

Thanksgiving Day is yet another very special day (Nov. 28th this year). This is when families get together to share a wonderful meal, grateful for blessings received, and to share good wishes. This celebration is always on the fourth Thursday of November, and is another extended break that many families take advantage of to visit Puerto PeƱasco. On Thanksgiving youā€™ll be able to find the traditional turkey dinner (yes, with apple or pumpkin pie!) at most restaurants who will try their best to make you feel at home. Donā€™t forget to make your Thanksgiving reservation at your favorite restaurant!

Christmas is another very important day, reuniting families across the globe. The holiday spirit embraces the city with decorations and lights, Christmas trees, and Santa Claus.   The winter holidays are another great time to seize the moment and enjoy a quick getaway to Puerto PeƱasco with friends and family. The beaches are warm and of course the season is marked with special events, dinners, maybe even a parade, but definitely the familiar welcome that always awaits visitors. 

The final holiday of the season, and of course to wrap up the year with a bang in Puerto PeƱasco is, of course, New Yearā€™s! Yet again, friends and family come together to celebrate the year that has passed and to wish each other a better upcoming year.

Close out your year by celebrating it in Puerto PeƱasco! You will undoubtedly have a memorable time as restaurants, bars, and night clubs put on gala dinners, feature live music, offer New Yearā€™s toasts, masquerades, and the traditional countdown to ring in the New Year!

Any one of these dates is a great excuse to hit the highway and travel to the beaches of Puerto PeƱasco, where tourists are always received with open arms. Puerto PeƱasco always has events and specials to offer. Come and fall in love with Puerto PeƱasco!

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Top Ten Weekend activities in Rocky Point!

Top Ten Weekend activities in Rocky Point!

Visiting Puerto PeƱasco this weekend?

Here are our recommendations on how to spend an incredible weekend along the best beaches northern Mexico has to offer!

Visit the Schuk Toak Visitors Center of the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve.

Get to know all the different species that inhabit the Greater Altar Desert, observe the majestic craters and lava trails, and explore the largest dunes in Sonora. This is really an adventure you canā€™t miss, and youā€™ll even be able to cross ā€œvisit the only volcanic area visible from spaceā€ off your bucket list.
El Pinacate

Visit Bird Island

Enjoy the trip to this protected island that harbors hundreds of sea lions and different types of birds, where you will be able to kayak, paddleboard, or even swim with the sea lions.

Isla San Jorge aka Bird Island

PlayĀ  Golf

Puerto PeƱasco has 3 golf courses, each offering unique sceneries that unite the desert, sea, and greens. What a perfect combination for a round of golf!

See more about Golf

Stroll along the Malecon

This is a must when visiting Puerto PeƱasco. Take a nice stroll down the Malecon and take in the amazing sunset, go shopping for typical Puerto PeƱasco souvenirs, or grab a bite to eat with a spectacular sea view.ā€‹
Read more about “El malecĆ³n”

Have an off-road adventure

Explore the sand trails the largest desert in Sonora has to offer, on your choice of ATV or UTV. This is definitely an exciting experience you donā€™t want to miss!
See more about off-roadĀ 

Go on a sunset cruise

Get an actual front row seat for sunset! There are several sunset cruise options in Puerto PeƱasco, where you can enjoy your favorite drinks, good music, and the variety of entertainment featured on each boat. Pick your trip of choice and enjoy the greatest sunsets the Sea of Cortez has to offer.
See more about sunset cruises


This is an experience you will want to relive over and over again! Just imagine the panoramic view from the sky over the Sea of Cortez, where you can take in not only the immense sea, but also the malecĆ³n, and Puerto PeƱascoā€™s beaches.

Ultralight rides

Another adventure in the skies you canā€™t miss out on is flying over the bay aboard one of these small light planes, which will make you feel endless excitement. The view is incredible and the experience is unique. You can find these in the Sandy Beach area.


Speaking of adrenaline rushes, the Zip-Line is a must! Check this one off your list after having experienced the longest zip-line in Sonora, offering a majestic view of how the desert meets the sea.

Banana rides & Jet Skis

Puerto PeƱasco offers the popular, and fan-favorite, banana boat rides and jet skis. Hop on this inflatable ride and have as much fun as you can imagine, or relieve some stress and get your adrenaline pumping on a jet-ski. Donā€™t forget to follow instructions and use a life vest.
Banana boat, Jetskis

Visit our activities section where you will be able to explore different options you can enjoy in Puerto PeƱasco. Also, feel free to check out our events section and be in the know on everything that is going on in Puerto PeƱasco. Donā€™t forget that most hotels, bars, and restaurants have something special ready for you!

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La Roca Hotel: Iconic spot in Puerto PeƱasco

Located in the heart of the port, with rooms that store many stories and legends of early 20th century gangsters, Hotel la Roca is the oldest place to stay in Puerto PeƱasco.

Built in 1927 by John Stone, today the main attraction of this site is that it was presumably where American gangster Al Capone stayed in 1929, when prohibition was in effect in the U.S.  The hotel had actually been built as a place for gambling and guests would arrive by plane.

The Hotel la Roca was built entirely in a mirror structure, with a large game room in front and ten rooms down a long corridor in a “shotgun” distribution to see who entered and left the hotel. According to legend, Al Capone stayed in room 10 on his visits because he had two exits he could use to flee if necessary. 

In the 1930s, the hotel was visited by people from the United States for game nights and boat rides, which was a pretext for storing alcohol barrels from Guaymas that then crossed into Arizona through tunnels built in Sonoyta.

The PeƱasco hotel, which was its name initially, was closed and burned down in 1933 when the so-called dry law ended. It later passed into the hands of Benjamin Bustamante who rebuilt it to continue using it as a hotel, though it also served as a post office at one time and as a small school for the cityā€™s early residents.

It wasnā€™t until 1998 that Mr. Jorge Seldner took over the hotel, renovating it so it could reopen in 2000, maintaining the stone construction and the large hall that now serves as a living room.

Currently, Hotel La Roca offers sixteen rooms with comforts that retain the originality of its walls, some furniture of the time, old photographs, a display case with invaluable pieces, and above all the nostalgia and history of the location.

Guests who come looking for the place given its history and through recommendations principally come from the United States, Canada, Spain, Italy and France.

This iconic hotel, located right at the descent into the Old Port, might be a spot you’d like to visit and stay if you’re looking for a cozy space with lots of history and legends covering its walls, as well as low rates.

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Mexican holiday weekends!

Along with well-deserved summer vacation, there are rest periods to take advantage of in breaking with routine while heading out to visit new destinations. These are what are known in Mexico as ā€œpuentes festivosā€ (holiday ā€œbridgesā€, or rather, long weekends) surrounding dates that generally commemorate historical events. Luckily, one of these dates is quickly approaching as September 16th is Mexican Independence Day!

What better way to celebrate the holiday than visiting family or friends on the beaches of Puerto PeƱasco? In addition to the sandy shores, magical sunsets, and delicious cuisine, a wide arrange of special events await to make sure everyone has a great time.

On the night of September 15th, celebrations begin at City Hall with the traditional ā€œGrito de Doloresā€ (call to independence), echoing shouts of ā€œViva Mexicoā€ ā€œViva Doloresā€ and ā€œViva la Independenciaā€!  Plus, the evening is filled with Mexican music, folkloric dances, fireworks, and a traditional ā€œcastle burningā€, not to mention stands selling Mexican treats.

Some resort and hotel complexes in town, such as Las Palomas Beach and Golf Resort, hold special shows to celebrate the evening. On this occasion, Las Palomas will be featuring Carlos Cuevas, the king of boleros, along with mariachi music in the common areas.

Playa Bonita hotel will launch fireworks on the evening of the 15th to mark the occasion, while establishments such as La Cantina and Cielito Lindo will be offering dinner and Mexican music.  Bars along Calle 13 and in the Mirador will join in festivities with live music and several promotions to attract visitors and locals alike.

Following Independence Day, the next holiday break will be that to celebrate the Mexican Revolution. Though Revolution Day is Nov. 20th, the official day off is Monday, November 18th, making the holiday weekend possible.  So once again, Mexico will have a long weekend to continue celebrating.

The best way to take advantage of the mild weather at that time of year is strolling along the beaches of our paradisiacal port, boarding a boat to enjoy the cool evenings, hitting the dunes on an all-terrain vehicle, or getting ready to go out to a local bar-restaurant where youā€™ll surely encounter festivities commemorating the Mexican Revolution.

Another important holiday celebration of the year comes with ringing in the new one. This time is certainly of tremendous importance for family get togethers, as well as to relive memories from the past year and of course well-wishes for the one about to begin.

For this important date in Mexico, and across the globe, several hotels, restaurants, and bars in Puerto PeƱasco dress to the nines with parties to welcome the New Year! These often include well-known artists, live music, midnight toasts, dinners, and of course a festive atmosphere.

Promotions are advertised months in advance to ensure all interested in ringing in the New Year in front of the grandeur of the beach, enveloped by the cool air, have time to reserve and wrap up the year with family and friends in this corner of the Sea of Cortez.

Do you already have your plans made for the upcoming Mexican holidays? Puerto PeƱasco awaits!

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The Rocky Point Rally is the Largest Biker Fiesta in Northwestern Mexico

The event that began as a gathering of a few hundred motorcyclists from Arizona and Sonora in 2001 now brings together more than 9,000 bikers principally from the U.S. Southwest and Mexico.

Considered one of the most important biker rallies in the region, the Rocky Point Rally has managed to attract motorcycle and biker club lovers from Arizona, California, Texas, Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico, as well as Sonora, Baja California, Chihuahua, Jalisco, and Mexico City. It has achieved such popularity that it has also attracted dedicated bikers from distances including Canada, Germany, Alaska, and Hawaii, as well as Japan and the Philippines, to mention just some of the countries where rally goers have come from.

The Rocky Point Rally, which celebrates its 19th anniversary this year, lasts four days in early November, from Thursday to Sunday, during which time the roar of the engines can be heard throughout the city along with rock and country concerts at sponsoring bars and central fiesta points such as 13th Street and the Malecon Founders.

The long-awaited biker fiesta, initially founded and still organized by local business leader Oscar Palacio Soto, includes a Saturday bike parade down Puerto PeƱascoā€™s main Blvd. Juarez, where participants throw out sweets to children who come out in appreciation to see them. The in-town “Charity Poker Run” and initial Rally registration help raise funds for several charitable organizations across the city including: the Red Cross, Fire Department, home for the elderly, cancer awareness and prevention group, a school for children with special needs, Children and Family services, as well as an educational fund.

The days of the Rocky Point Rally are filled with biker parties and motorcycles of all kinds, from sports, cruise, urban and even the most exotic. The Rally welcomes people of all ages and professions donning their best leathers. It is a time full of music and camaraderie among bikers from both sides of the border.

If you haven’t witnessed the traditional motorcycle fiesta, plan for this year from November 7th ā€“ 10th.  The Rocky Point Rally awaits!

Rocky Point Rally 2019

Countdown is on for Rocky Point Rally 2019! Got your spot?visit

Posted by Come to Rocky Point on Wednesday, July 31, 2019
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What to do in Puerto Penasco this 4th of July?

Puerto PeƱasco Is showing off this festive weekend with spectacular weather to celebrate the 4th of July. The highest temperature is going to be 88 F, so get your swimsuit and the sunblock ready because the beach awaits.

Here we share some ideas for you to spend an incredible weekend on our Sea of Cortez beaches.

Begin your celebration by attending the 4th of July open air grill buffet at PeƱasco del Sol Hotel, starting at 6 pm and ending at 11 pm, as you watch the fireworks show that Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort puts on year after year.

Relax, the fun is just beginning!

On Friday, July 5th, you can enjoy all of the beach activities Puerto PeƱasco has to offer, whether that means going out to Bird Island for the day (we recommend you go well prepared because this activity lasts all day beginning at 8:30 am.

Approach the marina and get some information), or enjoying sand and the sea playing volleyball, riding the banana boats or jet skis, or simply relax under the sun and get that perfect tan. If what you are looking for is adventure, we also have something for you! Please visit and schedule your next adventure.

Saturday, July 6th, you can have fun during Casino Night at Cielito Lindo Fine Mexican Cuisine at the Sonoran Sky Resort, and also enjoy a great dinner, where all proceeds will be donated to a good cause.

If you are looking for something a bit more fun, Puerto PeƱasco’s night clubs and bars will surely be having special events for you this weekend. For example, Restaurant-Bar La Arena 3C is hosting it’s first Beer Fest with live music and great BBQ, doesn’t that sound like fun? If you’d like to know of more events happening around town please visit the events tab and find out what we have in store for you this 4th of July weekend in Puerto PeƱasco. Don’t forget to keep hydrated!

Don’t stay up too late on Saturday, because there is still much to do on Sunday, July 6th, like visiting the MalecĆ³n to take a picture with the emblematic Fisherman’s Statue with the beautiful Sea of Cortez as your background, go shopping in the MalecĆ³n shops and fish market. Don’t forget to visit Rodeo Drive and take a photo with the incredible murals you can find there, please share on your social media and remember to tag us!
Also remember to check out our social media so that you don’t miss out on anything.

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Let’s celebrate the 26th anniversary of the El Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve.

Things you should know about El Pinacate

  • El Pinacate is the most biodiverse desert in the world, a wonderful destination for photography and video due to its imposing flora & fauna, its brilliant daylight, orange sunsets, and spectacular nights.
  • The desert shines with color in the spring when the flowers regain their splendor.
  • A must-visit place is the ā€œShuck Toakā€ visitors center, located 24 kilometers from Puerto PeƱasco and within the actual reserve, a museum where you can get to know more about the volcanic site.
  • Thanks to its great biodiversity, the Sonoran Desert holds more protected areas than any other desert on the planet.
  • In the area you can find more than 560 plant species, 41 species of mammals, 200 birds, 43 types of reptiles, as well as a variety of amphibians and freshwater fish.
  • El Pinacate and the Greater Altar Desert is host to a great number of archaeological artifacts that have been proven to be more than 20 thousand years old; it is a culturally important site for the Tohon Oā€™odham nation, who considers that the origin of their creation is in Pinacate Peak, where they still hold religious ceremonies.
  • El Pinacate has the highest concentration of ā€œmaarā€ type craters in the world. Aside from that there are also over 500 ash cones, lava flows, creek beds, and granite & tuff massifs.
  • The Greater Altar Desert has the largest area of Dunes in North America, this particular type of star dunes only exist in certain areas around the world.
  • It was declared Biosphere Reserve El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar in 1993, and declared world heritage site by UNESCO in June of 2013.
  • In 1969, personnel from NASA visited the site, due to its surface resembling that of the moons own, to have landing tests before actually visiting the moon.
  • The ā€œShuck Toakā€ visitors center is the first, and largest in Mexico, self-sustaining public building. It has 132 solar panels and an wind generator that supply electric energy from autumn to spring.
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Geminid Meteor Shower

The Geminid Meteor Shower is a spectacular sight that nature gifts us. One must get away from the city lights on a dark night with little or no moon. It is suggested to find a cozy location. You may also want some binoculars (they are not necessary) and/or a camera.

Meteor showers are a result of cosmic debris coming in contact with the atmosphere at very high speeds. The fragments blaze within the path and produce a shooting star. Which in mundane wording, is a beautiful white line crossing the night sky.

This shower is highly anticipated and is thought as the most important meteor showers. The Geminid shower takes place December 4 to 16, however, the nights with the most activity will be on the 13 and 14. We will be able to observe them perfectly this year because the moon will be in its first quarter.

With this in mind, did you know that Puerto PeƱasco is the ideal place to enjoy this wonder of nature? There are a variety of spots to enjoy the meteor shower. The first being a beach view. Bring a towel and blankets to the beach. You can also climb the top of a hill or camp at the Pinacate Reserve.

Lay back and buddle up. Let your eyes adjust to the darkness. You will witness the intensity of a science fiction sky that will create a photo-worthy moment.

Make a wish. Make as many as your blessed heart desires.


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