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10 Spectacular spots for a dream wedding in Puerto Peñasco

Have you ever thought of stepping out of convention to hold a destination wedding? If you don’t already know, Puerto Peñasco (aka Rocky Point) has become a premiere dream wedding destination for couples from across northwestern Mexico as well as the southwestern part of the U.S. 

Saying “I do” is one of the most important steps of your life. Lifelong decisions begin from that moment on. If you’re not sure how to plan for that special day, don’t worry, we’ve got top spots and wedding planners to help you make your wedding one of the most amazing experiences of your life!


One of the options most recommended by our event planners is to hold your gathering at one of the outstanding resorts in Rocky Point. All of these venues provide spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez, and their imposing structures showcase the contrast, providing a frame for wonderful wedding photos.  In addition, some of these resorts provide the option of holding your event outdoors in addition to ballrooms. A plus to choosing a resort is the comfort for your guests in having the event right where they’ll be staying. This way you can toast the night away without a care in the world.


Rocky Point is also home to prestigious internationally renowned golf courses, some of which have opened their amenities to ceremonies or receptions.  The combination of the beach and lakes, greens and the desert, will surely make your event unique. Your guests will be fascinated!


This port also offers several event options across the city. One of these, which is known for its spaciousness and variety of decor options is the Convention Center. This is an excellent choice, and a blank slate that lets you play around in a thousand ways.  This venue is recommended for events with a large number of guests.


Among the most popular spots, which has launched Rocky Point both nationally and internationally in the realm of romance, is of course the beach!  Our beaches showcase stunning sunsets and are always the perfect spot for weddings, from the simplest to the most elegant. The possibilities are endless! The sea breeze, lull of the waves, an inspirational sun, and even the ice cream vendor will bear witness to your special day.


If you’d like to hold your wedding on the beach, yet from the comfort of a private sea side home, Las Conchas is the ideal pick!  This beach is more secluded, due to the tides, and offers an extensive option of homes to choose from for your exclusive event. You and your guests will feel right at home.


Are you a traditional bride?  For Catholic ceremonies, the beautiful Sagrado Corazón de Jesús church is a wonderful recommendation. Known as the “Old Port church”, as it is located in the malecón, this is one of Rocky Point’s iconic churches, welcoming thousands of weddings over the decades.  Its spectacular structure and temple, filled with antique decoration, will make you fall in love all over again.


One of the most exclusive beaches in Rocky Point is Playa Encanto. The area’s desert dunes will make you feel like you’re in the Sahara, yet with a spectacular view of the sea.


Couples are looking more and more for exotic and original locations. Such is the case for weddings in the desert, with the moon and stars adorning the evening along with soft lights that envelope the entire romantic bohemian setting.  If this is the wedding you dream of, Rocky Point offers endless nooks to make your dream a reality.


Another spot that broadens romance options is the Schuk Toak Visitors Center and Museum.  This is an ideal location for adventurous couples wishing to hold their ceremony with the backdrop of lava pathways, desert flora, and an incredible surrounding landscape.  Many wedding planners dream about holding a ceremony at this spot.  Would you dare to be the first bride to do so?


Finally, yet equally important, how about an intimate outdoor wedding with the dune pathway setting a spectacular stage?  Located at the Schuk Toak Visitors Center museum at the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve, this is an incredible spot that will certainly impress both you and your guests.  We can’t think of a more incredible setting for a “boho” style wedding!

Desert, beaches, simplicity and luxury. You can find it all in Rocky Point!

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Experience Mexico!

Celebrations commemorating the anniversary of the Mexican Revolution will be diverse and more family oriented this year. 

The Mexican Revolution was a watershed moment for the country. As a nation, we cannot let this important date go unobserved, and more so this year as we commemorate its 110th Anniversary.

While conditions are quite different across the country in 2020, celebrations are warranted. This can include taking advantage of the long weekend to visit Puerto Peñasco with your family, enjoying its beaches and special sites.

Various restaurants will certainly highlight delicious Mexican cuisine and traditional decor, while taking necessary measures to care for the health and safety of visitors and residents alike.

Another way to celebrate a truly Mexican evening is with a special dinner featuring various Mexican dishes, along with mariachi music, and accompanied by loved ones at one of Puerto Peñasco’s numerous resorts or hotels.

If you choose to stay in, you can also organize a Mexican fiesta with dinner and drinks at home, or with close family, to commemorate the Mexican holiday.

Puerto Peñasco will not be holding its traditional Mexican Revolution Day parade this year due to the health emergency. However, programs on social media featuring artistic and cultural presentations will include schools from across Puerto Peñasco. You can watch the performances from the comfort of your own home, and keep the patriotic spirit alive!

There are plenty of options to celebrate this important Mexican holiday this year. Just choose which is best for you and enjoy responsibly, while taking into account necessary measures for your own health and that of your loved ones.

There you have it, if your plans include fully taking advantage of the long weekend and excellent weather, Puerto Peñasco’s beaches, sunsets, hotels and resorts, hospitality, and of course its people are a wonderful option!

Don’t forget, Rocky Point misses you!

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As the weather cools, the beach beckons

There are those who say that September and October in Puerto Peñasco offer the best weather of the year, as showcased by cooler evenings and crisp sunrises.

So, if you didn’t get a chance to vacation this summer, it’s the perfect time to escape and enjoy the beach in all its wonder, lit up by beautiful sunsets in maroon tones that you can only see in Puerto Peñasco.

As Fall sets in, high temperatures gradually take their leave as fresh morning and afternoon breezes create the perfect atmosphere for walking on the beach, going out on a boat, savoring your favorite dish on a patio, or simply enjoying a refreshing moment beachfront on the Sea of Cortez.

If you stayed inside this summer because high temperatures aren’t really your thing, or for health reasons, September and October are the best months to go out and enjoy a more peaceful beach destination. In Puerto Peñasco you will find resorts, hotels, rental homes, and services that prioritize hygiene and safety, ensuring your vacations are the best. 

Take advantage of promotional packages offered by several resorts and hotels this season, and allow yourself to be pampered for a weekend.  Or, how about during the week, especially now that the times allow for us to work and study online?

Treat yourself to that gift you deserve, and enjoy a short vacation to the calm, peaceful sea.

Relish in cooler days, yet in a town filled with warmth, welcoming you to share the Sea of Cortez, its hotels and resorts and all it has to offer, but especially its wonderful people.

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Make plans to visit Puerto Peñasco!

You can now enjoy nearly all that Puerto Peñasco has to offer! Movement and activities in and around this tourism destination have gradually but surely come back, in accordance with established health protocols, so that you can enjoy the city while continuing to take care of yourself and others.

It’s commonplace to see movement along Puerto Peñasco’s streets and on our beaches, which are open so you can swim, take a ride on a banana, sunbathe, enjoy the sunset, or simply take a walk along the sand. There are still health filters at many of the access points to the main beaches, which also provide additional information for visitors.

If you’re in the mood to eat out at a restaurant, whether in the open air or inside, the majority of the city’s dining establishments are now providing regular service while following necessary health and social distancing measures, and of course are enthusiastic to serve you!

The city’s nightlife is also reactivating, offering opportunities to meet up with family or friends at one of the several restaurant/bars in the Mirador, along the stretch of resorts, on Calle 13, or in the Old Port where live music is beginning to flow along with a full bar selection accompanied with appetizers and special dishes. Restaurant/bars also follow strict health and hygiene regulations for the safety of all.

If your thing is enjoying the open air from an ATV or four-wheeler, jet ski, or banana ride, all of these services are once again available in our port, so you can rent a ride and cruise the dunes where permitted.

If you’d like to venture out into the Sea of Cortez, which you’ve undoubtedly missed during these months of seclusion, we gladly remind you that boat tours are indeed available. While boat capacity is reduced, the fun is not! Wouldn’t you like to escape and take in the fresh air from aboard a boat out at sea?

For the even more adventuresome, spaces and services have reopened to include the zipline, kayak excursions, sandboarding, and sports fishing. It’s just a question of contacting business owners to set up an appointment so you can fill your day with adrenalin!

We’d like to share just some of the activities that are once again available, while even more spots of interest are reopening their doors daily as they meet health guidelines to be able to receive visitors once again.

Hotels and resorts, as we’ve reported, continue operating under strict health and safety protocols in all areas in order to guarantee everyone a pleasant and secure stay.

The city’s doors are open, providing more fluid and easy access as work at the city health filters wrapped up operations on September 7th.

So, there’s no reason to put off your next trip to Puerto Peñasco, where nearly everything has come back to life in what is now the “new normal.” This doesn’t mean any less fun, though does emphasize taking care of yourself and your loved ones just as we care for those who visit.

Puerto Peñasco misses you!

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Puerto Peñasco’s resorts and beaches recognized worldwide

In this magical corner of the Sea of Cortez, in addition to finding yourself in a privileged spot given its beautiful beaches, sand dunes, and magnificent sunsets, you’ll also come across internationally recognized accommodation options.

Just imagine, in Puerto Peñasco you’ll have the opportunity to select a hotel or resort that given excellent levels of service, care offered by staff, and quality spaces has achieved international distinction. This undoubtedly translates into a guaranteed pleasant stay for you and your family.

These honors are not solely found in a document hanging on a wall of the distinguished property, but seen and felt from the time you are met upon your arrival, when peacefully entering your room, or when dining at the on-site restaurant, or at any of the sites that have been globally recognized.

What is noteworthy of these distinctions is they are not awarded solely by international associations, but rather by experienced travelers, guests and those who frequent hotels and resorts across the world.

Such is the case of the Four Diamond award recently awarded to Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort by the American Automobile Association (AAA).  This was achieved given the high standards of hospitality, quality, services, and luxury the resort has been able to maintain for years.

This recognition, given to only certain hotels and resorts across the globe, also encourages businesses to maintain and improve their service standards, which means additional benefits for guests in ensuring quality.

Among recognitions achieved by hotels in Puerto Peñasco is also the Traveler’s Choice Award. This unique distinction is granted based on the opinions and comments of travelers themselves. This year, among hundreds of resorts, Traveler’s Choice chose the Grand Mayan in Puerto Peñasco and Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort as some of the most popular lodging options in the world.

On top of that, despite the complicated times the world is going through due to the health pandemic, a stretch of beach in Puerto Peñasco’s Mirador area, specifically that in front of Manny’s restaurant/bar, has achieved international Blue Flag certification.  This is attained only after having met serious standards of cleanliness and safety.

The Blue Flag certification also obliges governmental, hotel, and ecology groups, along with residents and beach visitors, to keep the beach safe and clean.

This Blue Flag distinction joins Puerto Peñasco’s Sustainable Clean Beach recognition, which after two years continues to be the only certified sustainable beach in the state, encompassing a stretch extending along Sandy Beach in front of several hotels and resorts.

It is extremely important to pause and highlight the majority of Puerto Peñasco’s hotels, resorts, and lodging options have been certified to meet health and sanitary protocols as well as internal regulations that have been reinforced during the pandemic. This offers safety and security to the families that visit us.

These recent distinctions and certifications are only some of the recognitions achieved by hotels, resorts, and beaches in Puerto Peñasco.  We can’t forget to mention the Pinacate Reserve is also recognized as a World Natural Heritage Site.

A tourist destination recognized for its natural beauty, with a tremendous offering of hotels and internationally distinguished quality accommodations is what Puerto Peñasco has to offer, and something to really keep in mind when choosing your next vacation!

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Everything you need to know about Bioluminescence

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about this amazing natural phenomenon, along with answers as shared by biologists from the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans (CEDO)

Is it possible to predict if this will happen again in coming days?

This is not a predictable phenomenon; there is no way of knowing if it will happen again, or if there is really a season for it in Puerto Peñasco. A detailed study would need to be done to know if this always occurs during winter and if there is a specific area.

Is it toxic?

No, it is not toxic.

Is this a common occurrence for Puerto Peñasco?

This occurs in places where the sea water is particularly cold, or warm and has happened before in Puerto Peñasco.

What causes this phenomenon?

The presence of bioluminescent (meaning they emit their own light) plankton microorganisms that react with the movement of the waves.

What makes the water change colors?

It’s due to the dinoflagellates – they are named this way because of the waving motion of their two flagellates – the size of dust particles that light up every time the water is agitated around them. These are the usual causes for the sparkling light that can be seen sometimes when swimming or sailing at night.

Is this the first time it has happened in Puerto Peñasco?

No, this phenomenon has occurred here before, notably in winter. However, the bioluminescence this January was particularly intense.

Is it safe to enter the water in the presence of the bioluminescent bloom?

Yes, you can go in. There are no reports of any harm caused by it.

Can it damage my skin?

There is no record of skin damage caused by this phenomenon; however, if you have sensitive skin it is recommended you consult your doctor beforehand.

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Everything you need to know about whale watching

– Whale watching, which is a natural privilege offered along Puerto Peñasco’s coasts, was recently authorized by the Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) under Official Mexican Law that establishes regulations for the practice of whale watching. 

– Whale watching most commonly takes place at the beginning of the year, and sightings can continue until April, sometimes sooner. Yet, whales in the area have appeared in November and departed before April, though this depends on temperatures.

– The route grey whales generally use to get here during the winter is basically a migratory line from the Bering Sea in Alaska, where they feed during the summer, arriving in the Sea of Cortez to give birth. After giving birth, the grey whales return north to start the process all over again, giving plenty of people the opportunity to spot them off the coasts of Baja California in Mexico, and California in the United States (Reference: El Kiosko)

– The types of whales that most frequent our coasts include Fin Whales, the second largest marine mammal in the world, and Humpback Whales, which tend to be more active and have more mobility. Dolphins can also be spotted during this time, which are usually found in groups swimming very close to our shores.

– Puerto Peñasco has several companies that offer cruises that allow tourists to approach and observe the Sea Giants, always respecting legal protocols of course.

Due to how long they have been active, Eco Fun and Del Mar Charters always stand out, but each year new tourist and private boats join in on the whale watching.

– If you ever get the chance to board one of these whale watching tours, we highly recommend you be equipped with a good camera and constantly alert, as they can show up when you least expect it.

– Keep in mind that even when in whale season, for many different reasons no cruise can guarantee actual whale sightings. 

Suggested protocols to ensure the protection of whales during whale watching trips:

The vessel must always move slower than the slowest whale in the group. In any event, the vessel must avoid sudden acceleration or deceleration.

*What CAN’T you do when whale watching?

When whale watching DO NOT:

  • Harass or cause any kind of damage to the whales, this includes obstructing its course.
  • Provoke the whales to disperse.
  • Get between a mother-offspring couple, approach a couple of mating whales, or those giving birth.
  • Do any of the following activities: fishing, snorkeling, swimming, water skiing, kayaking, canoeing, or use of any kind of flotation or submergible device. Banana boats and ultralights or helicopter rides for observation purposes are also prohibited.
  • Toss or dispose of any type of waste, including garbage, oils, and any fuel used in operating vessels.
  • Collect, capture, hunt, trap, or acquire any type of wild life or vegetation, bring in or transport any species from one community to another.
  • Bring any service animal on board, with the exception of seeing eye dogs
  • Feed the whales.
  • Tow any kind of object, ropes, lines, nets, hooks, or any other similar object.


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Christmas and New Year’s in Rocky Point!

Christmas is another very important day, reuniting families across the globe. The holiday spirit embraces the city with decorations and lights, Christmas trees, and Santa Claus.   The winter holidays are another great time to seize the moment and enjoy a quick getaway to Puerto Peñasco with friends and family. The beaches are warm and of course the season is marked with special events, dinners, maybe even a parade, but definitely the familiar welcome that always awaits visitors. 

The final holiday of the season, and of course to wrap up the year with a bang in Puerto Peñasco is, of course, New Year’s! Yet again, friends and family come together to celebrate the year that has passed and to wish each other a better upcoming year.

Close out your year by celebrating it in Puerto Peñasco! You will undoubtedly have a memorable time as restaurants, bars, and nightclubs put on gala dinners, feature live music, offer New Year’s toasts, masquerades, and the traditional countdown to ring in the New Year!

Any one of these dates is a great excuse to hit the highway and travel to the beaches of Puerto Peñasco, where tourists are always received with open arms. Puerto Peñasco always has events and specials to offer. Come and fall in love with Puerto Peñasco!

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January Jam! Beachside winter music festival for the soul

From the creators of Circus Mexicus, Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers, January Jam is an 11-year-old music festival stretching over three days that brings together popular bands, friends, and fans from across Arizona, Texas, California, Illinois, Minnesota, and beyond!

For 2020, January Jam is set for MLK Weekend, January 17th – 19th!

After the initial idea for the event came out of a post-session recording concert, January Jam has become a platform for several bands particularly from the southwestern US, though its main attraction is the atmosphere of friendship and fellowship that abounds. 

In recent years, the music festival weekend has also included the Mexican Moonshine Tequila Golf Classic, bringing together friends in helping to raise additional funds for local charities. While beneficiaries of the yearly donations change from year to year, they are all within the local community.

Throughout January Jam’s lifespan, more and more venues have become staples of the event, including the pioneering “JJ’s Cantina”, Banditos, Las Palomas, Wrecked at the reef, Chango’s, Capone’s, Boo Bar, Xochitl’s, Tekila Bar, and Señor Amigo. Each year also sees more and more musical acts joining in on the fun.

Early January is the perfect time for this beachside music fest, as Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers get to unwind from their busy concert schedule in a spot they consider to be like their second home.

For local Mexican nationals in Puerto Peñasco, ticket discounts are available at the door.

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