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Fish Bowl Seafood Fest highlights local dishes and the Arts

The 3rd Annual “Fish Bowl” Seafood Fest on Saturday, February 1st, offers a culinary festival along with art and fun in leading up to the Super Bowl.

Shrimp Plaza will be the setting for several restaurants from across Puerto Peñasco offering delectable seafood dishes throughout the day. Art stands, live music, folkloric dances, and raffle prizes are additional activities the whole family can enjoy during this beautiful day in the park!

The 3rd Annual “Fish Bowl”, organized by the local Rotary Club and the Mermaid’s Market, is a yearly fundraiser with proceeds going to projects to benefit various parts of the community. The event aims to promote culinary arts in Puerto Peñasco through the participation of over 20 restaurants, including the Gastro 638 chef collective. Along with the talent of artisans from the Mermaid’s Arts Market precisely on the day before the Super Bowl, the “Fish Bowl” takes advantage of hundreds of tourists who revel in football euphoria throughout the weekend.

Food tickets available at the event are $1 US (20 pesos), which are used to “pay” for dishes at the food stands – ranging from 1 to approximately 5 tickets – so that all can sample the varied seafood plates.

Enjoy the Fish Bowl Seafood Fest in the park, and get ready for the Super Bowl!

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The majestic whales have arrived in the Sea of Cortez

Just imagine having the pleasure and privilege of seeing a whale breach in all its greatness, surrounded by clouds of water, or even being surprised by several playful dancing whales at once!

Among the natural marvels the Sea of Cortez offers, whale watching is one of the “biggest”, highlighting nothing less than one of the largest species in the world.

These sea giants migrate to the Sea of Cortez from the Alaskan coast in search of warm water in order to feed and mate, offering the wonder of a marvelous natural show to all who have the opportunity to witness it.

The rich warm waters of the Sea of Cortez are an ideal spot for the species to seek refuge in order to breed, as well as find a vast and varied amount of food, which is why we are gifted the chance of seeing the whales in Puerto Peñasco.

Whale Watching season in Puerto Peñasco began on January 19th this year, which is when they were first spotted nearby from a tourist boat. Several tourist boats offer special trips to get you as close as possible to the whales so you can enjoy their marine flirtations, as it seems the whales enjoy showing off for spectators.

Three types of whales generally visit our coasts: humpback whales, which can measure up to 46 feet long and live up to 40 years; the more uncommon for this area fin whales, which can measure 85 feet long and can weigh up to 75 tons, making it one of the largest animals in the world; and lastly the gray whale, one of the longest living marine species due to its 60 year life span.

Whales typically approach our coasts mid-January, which is the beginning of whale watching season, and then tend to leave in March, some of them with their calves grown enough to embark on their journey to the Arctic. 

The greatest part of all is that we can watch these whales here in Puerto Peñasco, which has been officially certified by the Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) as an authorized area for whale watching under Official Mexican Law that establishes rules and regulations for the protection of this species.

In order to enjoy this activity in Puerto Peñasco, there are a variety of companies exclusively dedicated to offering cruises that get you as close as they can to the sighting zones, and where trained personnel offer important information on whales, which makes sightings even more special while ensuring the safety of the whales.

Tours are generally offered on catamarans and other sail boats that take you about10 nautical miles out to sea in search of the awesome creatures, often to a background of light just before sunset.

Costs for the approximately 3-hour trips can vary, but are usually $25 dollars for children, $35 for teenagers, and $45 for adults, which can include amenities such as snacks and drinks. There are also special prices for Mexican locals who would like to experience the adventure.

A few companies offering this service in Puerto Peñasco include:

Eco Fun 1

Sol Chaser

Del Mar Charters

Rocky Point Adventures

Pancho Villa Charters

Federico´s Charters

Each of these offers basically the same prices and provide special attention for tourists.

If you have a trip to Rocky Point scheduled for the near future, do not hesitate to book a whale watching trip and take the memory of one of the most amazing experiences back home with you!

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