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Puerto Peñasco!

Also known as Rocky Point

We invite you to visit and discover all that we have in store for you. Stay at one of our hotels or popular resorts offering numerous amenities. Enjoy a day at the beach or take in your favorite water activity. Taste local dishes prepared by excellent chefs at one of our numerous restaurants, complemented by a spectacular view over the ocean or by an unforgettable sunset.
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Puerto Peñasco, sonora, México
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El Pinacate

El Pinacate and Gran Desierto de Altar are known for their unique physical and biological characteristics, by the presence of a volcano shield, and by the extensive areas of active dunes that surround them.  They have the greatest concentration of Maar craters. The Pinacate mountain range has orogenic features of high interest for its abrupt formation of volcanic eruptions, that accumulated lava in compacted rocks, sand and volcanic ashes which then formed colors of spectacular beauty and the craters: El Elegante, Cerro Colorado, MacDougal and Sykes.


Isla San Jorge

Isla San Jorge aka “Bird Island” is an important biological sanctuary for a large variety of creatures including birds, mammals and sea life. It is classified as a federal zone, much like many of the islands in the gulf.


In 1978, it was deemed a Federal Area of Shelter for migratory birds and wild fauna. There are several boats that make day trips out to Bird Island from the Rocky Point Marina.

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Beautiful Beaches in Puerto Peñasco

Rocky Point offers diverse beach landscapes from soft fine sand to more rugged and rocky seascapes, often varying due to the extreme high and low tides for which the area is known. Some of the most popular beaches: Sandy Beach, Playa Hermosa, Las Conchas, Mirador, Playa Encanto, and Miramar. So, stop number 1 is to hit the beach!

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