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Puerto Peñasco’s desert and sea to once more serve as setting for film

Puerto Peñasco was chosen from among several options for the new film project “Infelices para Siempre” (“Unhappily Ever After”) given its scenery, sunsets, and natural light, which is perfect for filming.

The romantic comedy, produced by Jorge Aragon, and starring Adrian Uribe and Consuelo Duval; with supporting actors Livia Brito, Ari Telch, Angelica Aragón, and Luis Arrieta, among other Mexican actors, is also contemplating filming in San Carlos and Hermosillo.

Filming, which began on July 14th  in Mexico City, now brings cast & crew to Puerto Peñasco where they will be staying and filming at locations to include the Pinacate, El Golfo coastal highway, as well as area hotels & condos through mid-August.

Lizette Ibarra, director of the Puerto Peñasco Convention & Visitors Center (OCV), highlighted the importance of attracting national and international productions, noting the projection and promotion Puerto Peñasco is given is always exponential, especially with films such as “Infelices Para Siempre,” She furthered the film will not only be shown in movie theaters but will also be featured on streaming platforms.

Ibarra remarked, “Puerto Peñasco appearing on the silver screen makes all of us very proud; even before movie’s premiere our city is already being promoted. Just imagine, the starring actors who have millions of followers on their social media profiles sharing that they are here! Those who don’t know Puerto Peñasco will now be able to locate us on the map.”

This film’s production will be moving close to 120 people, actors, technical crew, art teams, extras, and collaborators that will be working in our city.

Sonora’s beauty for film locations

“Infelices para Siempre”, which brings together Adrian Uribe and Consuelo Duval for the first time in a movie, is about a married couple’s relationship and how, after twenty years of being together, they can’t stand each other anymore so their family sends them to where they had their honeymoon. The story will develop with plenty of comedy, confusion, and a lot of magic thanks to the setting on the Sea of Cortez.

The filming of this movie comes precisely at a time when the state government is promoting Sonora as an inviting state, with infrastructure and natural beauty for movie productions, television series, and documentaries. In addition, Sonora’s excellent relationship with neighboring Arizona seeks to strengthen joint film opportunities.

“Infelices Para Siempre” is not the only production to choose Puerto Peñasco as a location.  The movie “Sonora” by Alejandro Springall, which will premiere this August, showcases the Sonoran desert dunes, which were also part of the backdrop for the Fox television series “Run Coyote Run”, as well as for the series “Yankee”, currently on Netflix.