Come to Rocky Point

Puerto Peñasco welcomes back tourists!

After tremendous steps we’ve taken to reopen our city so you can once again come and relax here, we continue implementing new measures so people can take part in more activities while caring for your health and that of our residents.

We are grateful for the opportunity to revive the rhythm of our beautiful port bit by bit, but also mindful of the care and steps we must take so we can continue to move forward and not back, making sure this is a safe and healthy destination for your vacation.

It’s important you are aware that all the measures and protocols have been thought out and developed with the goal of ensuring even better functioning of the city and, above all, everyone’s well-being. 

Here are some updates on activities and spots currently available in Puerto Peñasco:

– Entry currently remains only open to guests with reservations at one of the certified hotels, resorts, or rental homes, along with identification of all passengers coming by car.

– Entry includes going through the health filter, the process of temperature checks, and going through the sanitizing tunnel. These protocols are carried out by staff from the Navy and National Guard.

– It’s equally important to follow all protocols set up at each lodging facility, such as those regarding pool use and public spaces. Remember, this is for your own well-being.

– Beach access is closed to everyone. However, you can enjoy the beach concession area in front of your resort, hotel, or rental home. Swimming in the ocean is still not allowed.

– It is now possible to ride ATVS (maximum1 person) and off-road vehicles such as RZRs (maximum 2 people), which you can enjoy doing across our desert landscapes, provided you follow all safety regulations meant to reduce risks.

– Sports fishing has reopened, as have tourist boats, all under strict health and safety protocols that you must keep in mind.

– On Wednesday, June 24th, the boardwalk area of the Malecon will reopen so you can visit the area for a full view of the Sea of Cortez.  Health measures will be in place, including use of masks, antibacterial gel, gloves, and maintaining a healthy distance, among others.

– The Malecón will close at 9:00 p.m., alcoholic beverages are prohibited, as well as live music or groups at high volumes. Not recommended for minors under 12 years old and adults over 65.

– Tourists can also now board a cruise on yachts, sail boats, and ships that meet preventive health measures and criteria outlined by the Harbor Master and local authorities

– If you enjoy cycling, two areas of the city have been opened for you to enjoy this activity: Blvd. Rodger & Jeanette Clifton (in front of the Peñasco Convention Center), and Blvd. Fremont (from the Las Conchas gas station toward the Caborca highway). Limit 50 bicycles per hour, hours: 5 am – 8 am and 5 pm – 8 pm.

– More than two people can travel together in a vehicle, provided this is for essential activities, and while continuing to use masks.  It is recommended, though not mandatory, to refrain from traveling with minors under 12 or adults over 65.

– Be sure to check our page:  for all necessary information prior to your visit.

As always, we look forward to welcoming you with open arms, and with a whole plan designed to make sure your vacations are pleasant and above all safe.