Come to Rocky Point

Puerto Peñasco ready to welcome Great Desert Race participants

With just days to go, final preparations are underway for the Oct 22nd-23rd Great Desert Race in Puerto Peñasco.   The race, which will journey over plateaus and through ecosystems and sacred lands of the Tohono O’odham that make up the heart of the Sonoran desert, will bring together experienced marathoners as well as race fans.

The highly anticipated race, organized by Grupo Expansión in coordination with the Sonora Secretary of Tourism, the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau, and with support of the municipal administration of Puerto Peñasco, has been promoted nationally and in the United States as one of the most impressive competitions in the world. Its grandeur stems from routes through various ecosystems that runners will follow around Sierra Pinta and Playa San Jorge in Puerto Peñasco, crossing over marshes, mountains, and dunes.

In preparation for the Great Desert Race, an advanced team has been polishing final details and logistics. Prior to the event, the team will carry out a field test to meticulously review routes while installing safety and hydration stations for participants coming in from various regions of the country and the United States.

The race includes 4 different categories so that all lovers of adventure and trail running can test their resistance according to abilities and interests.

The first category is Ultra Trail 75K, consisting of 75 kilometers over a span of two days, 50 kilometers the first and 25 kilometers the second, including a night of seaside beach camping. The other two-day option with an overnight beach stay is the Mega Desert Run 50K, consisting of 25 kilometers on day 1 and another 25 kilometers on day two. There are also the one-day race options including the 25-kilometer Beach & Desert Run, and the 10K Beach Fun Run for running or jogging with the whole family, both taking place on day 2.

Registration spots still available at:

and at the Special Events office on the ground floor of the Puerto Peñasco municipal building.

Special packets with flight connection, lodging, and race coverage have been designed and are available on the official website.

Dare to test your abilities by touring the innards of the Altar Desert and marshes of the Sea of Cortez!