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Puerto Peñasco OCV displays all of Puerto Peñasco’s strengths in the 2022 Tianguis Turistico

The Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau displayed the strength of this destination located in the corner of the Sea of Cortez at the 2022 Tianguis Turistico held in Acapulco Guerrero from May 22 to 25, where more than 73 appointments were made, captivating the market of Japan and Canada among other countries that gathered at this important tourism promotion event in Latin America.

This edition of the Tianguis Turistico brought together more than 600 exponents and more than 700 companies from 70 countries, managing to highlight Puerto Peñasco in the Sonora pavilion where they made known the strength, the beauty of its desert and its sea, all the hotel infrastructure and the air connection with the flight from Tijuana to Puerto Peñasco of Calafia Airlines seducing dozens of travel agency companies, tour operators, airlines, service providers, marketing agents and media from all over Mexico and several other countries.

The director of the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau, Lizette Ibarra, highlighted that this event, positioned as the most important and productive in Mexico and Latin America due to its short and mid-term results, was a great platform to show and position the Puerto Peñasco brand in all the world.

She said that in this in this 46th edition of the tianguis it was shown that it is the strength of the synergy between tourism companies, government agencies and promoters that gives results that benefit the tourism sector. In this case of Puerto Peñasco, which alone has a lot to offer, but we must prove it.

This platform was used to launch the Mar de Cortés Aquarium of the World brand made up of the states of Sonora, Sinaloa, Baja California, Baja California Sur and Nayarit.

Puerto Peñasco was highlighted as the place that brings together the Sea of Cortez with the Sonoran desert with a paradise able to be appreciated from anywhere, and now with the advantage of being able to approach it by air with the Tijuana-Puerto Peñasco flight.

Two very important meetings were highlighted with the head of the State Secretary of Tourism, Celida López, with whom plans were established for the promotion of Puerto Peñasco and San Carlos, the two most important beach destinations in the state that attracted the Japanese market, highlighting the importance of training the tourism sector of these two regions to be able to serve this class of tourists who have shown great interest in these two Sonoran destinations.

Likewise, it was pointed out to reinforce the promotion of the direct flight Tijuana -Puerto Peñasco with Aero Calafia in search of a greater reach by expanding information in different media such as billboards, social networks, radio, television, digital screens and as well as fam trips with agencies and media.

Liz Ibarra added that this event is just the beginning of what must continue to work throughout the year to strengthen appointments and agreements with the companies that have chosen this place for their next visit, as well as for business.

The director of the OCV went into detail “It is very important to carry out fam trips with agencies and the media, taking advantage of the direct flight with Calafia and experience flying over the Sea of Cortez and the Greater Altar Desert. Undoubtedly, a landscape like no other.” 

Likewise, she detailed that it is important to continue positioning Puerto Peñasco by attending different cities and tourism fairs that are potential markets for Peñasco and the region.

The tourism Tianguis was inaugurated by the Secretary of Tourism Miguel Torruco Marqués accompanied by the Secretary of Tourism of Sonora Celida Lopez Cardenas and other counterparts in the country, as well as representatives of all the participating states.

The Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau, made up of Sara Lilia Cardenas Franco, Marketing and Social Media Manager, and Camila Dominguez Monteverde, Promotion and Administration Assistant, maintained a very productive agenda within the majestic Sonora stand, highlighting and promoting Puerto Peñasco, as well as Javier Muñoz general manager of Playa Bonita Resort, Raul Ayala sales director of the Peñasco del Sol Hotel, and Francisco Leal general manager of the Sonora division of Sierra Tours.