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Puerto Peñasco cuisine on the rise as best in Northern Sonora

The collective of Puerto Peñasco chefs known as Gastro 638 have been surprising tourists and locals alike with their now popular gastronomic wine-pairing dinners. To date, the chefs have presented culinary events in various restaurants at local resorts.

On June 21st this past summer, a pairing dinner was held at the Infusión del Golfo restaurant of Laguna Shores. There, executive chef Tony Acuña, accompanied by Chef L.uca Appendino of Pan e Vino and Uwe Holtze of Kaffeehaus, astounded diners with a four-course pairing dinner.

More than 50 people took part in the evening, delighting in the fusion of Italian, German and Mexican cuisine presented by the skilled masters of the kitchen.  On this occasion, the vineyard Alximia from Valle de Guadalupe took part in the evening together with winemaker Álvaro Álvarez.

On July 12th, executive Chef Tony Acuña once again thrilled guests with another pairing-dinner.  This time, Chef Neftalí Ponce, along with Chef Javier García, Chef Eliezer Lozano and “El Cielo” vineyard from Valle de Guadalupe, took part in the evening.  Infusión del Golfo restaurant of Laguna Shores once again provided a spectacular setting for the wonderful sold out pairing-dinner.

On August 10th, the Bakal restaurant at Mayan Palace resort of the Vidanta Group in Puerto Peñasco, hosted a pairing event led by executive Chef Neftalí Ponce Hernandez. Chef Neftalí, accompanied by 7 chefs, a sommelier, and a winemaker, along with a large support team, delighted diners with an exquisite menu.  Invited chefs for the evening included Chef Tony Acuña of Infusión del Golfo at Laguna Shores, Chef Eliezer Lozano Ibarra of Restaurante de Ramón at Sonoran Sea, Chef Javier García Cerillo of Miguel’s at Hotel Peñasco del Sol, as well as Vidanta host chefs Geronimo López Dominguez, Alberto Martínez, and Jesús Espero Santa Cruz. The chefs were accompanied for the evening by sommelier and Food and Beverages Manager Engelbert Ríos.  The vineyard Casa Barisal, accompanied by Juan Pablo Fernández Almaguer, made the marvelous pairing evening possible.

The next pairing dinners are set for September 6th and September 13th

On September 6th at 8pm, the pairing dinner take place at the restaurant Miguel´s of Hotel Peñasco del Sol. Chef Javier Garcia Cerrillo will host the pairing dinner accompanied by other top local chefs.

September 13th, which will once again take place at the Infusión del Golfo restaurant of Laguna Shores.  Chef Tony Acuña will host the pairing-dinner once more, accompanied by tequila expert Engelbert Ríos.

We invite you to take part in Puerto Peñasco’s exciting cuisine! For more information and reservations for the upcoming pairing-dinner, please contact Laguna Shores at: 638 383 0210 ext. 400.  

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Here are some recommendations to help you fully enjoy these spectacular events:

  • Be sure to arrive early, you don’t want to miss out on the first course
  • Wait to do the tasting along with the whole group so you can fully enjoy the qualities of the wine
  • Don’t swirl bubbly wines, as that can free carbon gas that produces bubbles and gives the wine its effervescence
  • Take notes so you can remember properties of the wine you most enjoy
  • Avoid distilled drinks prior to the pairing-dinner as this may modify your appreciation of the wine
  • Enjoy each dish to the fullest; no need to rush before moving on to the next dish
  • If you believe you’ve had enough, do not feel you must finish all the wine in your glass so you may continue appreciating those that follow