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Peñasco welcomes travel promoters from Chihuahua

We started off the month of August with the pleasant visit of a group of 18 promoters representing different cities from across the state of Chihuahua. This initiative was organized by Sierra Tours in conjunction with the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau to promote outreach to the cities of Chihuahua, Juárez, and Cuauhtémoc.

The group’s visit, strategically developed by travel promoters, event and tour organizers, television and radio media, as well as state influencers, was meant to show visitors our Port’s main attractions and activities, as well as reach out to local business leaders in order to plan and carry out tours and events in the future that would bring a greater influx of tourism to the area from Chihuahua.

The visitors from Chihuahua had an itinerary full of visits and activities, starting with an evening welcome at Manny’s Beach Club followed up with a visit to Islas del Mar the following day, which included activities such as kayaking and paddle boarding. They also visited the boardwalk area, enjoying delicious food at the restaurant El Oktopus, then an afternoon a boat ride to take in the sunset before closing out the day with a delicious dinner at the Restaurant Puesta del Sol of Hotel Playa Bonita.

The next morning, the group enjoyed off-roading, visiting Cholla Bay and the well-known “Loma” (Competition Hill), followed up with a delicious brunch at Hacienda de Emilianos.  An afternoon of beach activities topped off the day, paired with a fun bar-hopping evening tour that started at Arena 3C bar, continued through different bars along the boardwalk, and wound up at Elixir bar and lounge.

This was just a small sample of the activities and fun that can be found in Puerto Peñasco. Our visitors returned with great motivation to make upcoming travel plans and promotion to the area a reality. Thank you to all you contributed to the success of our visitors’ itinerary!