Come to Rocky Point

Pairing Dinners return to Rocky Point!

Rocky Point has had a spotlight shining on it with an upsurge in the realm of food and beverage. This has included important culinary events, the opening of new restaurants, mixology, and the already very popular pairing dinners.

After a suspension of many culinary activities in Rocky Point in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic, this year pairing dinners are making a triumphant return.

On this occasion, Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort magnificently debuted what has become fashionable in Rocky Point – pairing dinners. The dynamics of chef, sommelier, and mixologist were the resounding success behind the recent dinner. 

Chef Francisco Torres of “Citron” at Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort hosted an intimate group of diners, who took part in the excellent 5 course pairing.  Emiliana boutique wines from the Guadalupe Valley in Baja California was the perfect match.

The unique dinner began with a rosé named BlaBla, a mixture of two varieties of 3 grapes, which was the star of the night. The smooth and easy to drink wine was served alongside a delicious Takati tuna marinated in ponzu, with Dijon mustard and honey vinaigrette

The second course, consisting of Chione clams in white wine with mushrooms and bacon, accompanied with a fruity white Chardonnay, made an ideal pair for the evening.

A rich Nebbiolo was of course on hand, at 13.5% alcohol, to mark the midpoint of the exquisite dinner. What quickly became the favorite of many, the “Syrah” paired splendidly with an escolar fish with orange vinaigrette, chives, and beef machaca.  You can’t imagine how magnificent this pairing was!

Red wine made an appearance again for the fourth course, though on this occasion as the “Primo Nebbiolo”, served alongside an exquisite octopus in grilled chile adobo garnished with potato cubes, peas, and asparagus confit.  Simply delicious! 

To top off the evening, a Carbernet Sauvignon was paired with an intense and delicious rib-eye, to the surprise and delight of all.

The inauguration of pairing dinners at Citron of Las Palomas Beach & Golf Resort definitely is the beginning of many wonderful experiences to come.  For wine lovers, this is great news when combining the best with the best.