Come to Rocky Point

October’s cool mornings and fresh evenings

By Azucena Mazón

October has arrived, showcasing spectacular moonscapes along with the cool mornings and lovely sunsets that only Puerto Peñasco can offer.

The hottest months of the year are nearly a thing of the past, giving way to Fall and the rich coolness that beckons calm afternoon coffee breaks and strolls through town.

The arrival of Fall and its mild temperatures opens up opportunities to enjoy Puerto Peñasco on evening walks, riding over the dunes, visits to the beach to watch the sun set from open air viewpoints, or a simple stroll along the malecón in the Old Port.

Fall’s onset doesn’t slow down beach activities in town! During the day, Puerto Peñasco’s sun offers sufficient warmth, inviting all to sink into the sand while enjoying the coast hugging the Sea of Cortéz, or to take in a boat cruise, or go out and explore the dunes.

This season, our destination – being the most visited tourism spot in northwestern Mexico – offers a slew of activities! From music performances, including a concert with El Mastuerzo at the city’s very first Chevefest (Craft Beer Fest), to trop-rock Parrot Fest, rock ‘n roll with Roger Clyne, banda, and of course November’s popular Rocky Point Rally™, which all make this the perfect time of year to combine nights of fun with friends and a great climate!

This is also the time of the year when thousands of tourists from the U.S. and Canada roll into town with their RVs, some for weeks at a time and many who come to enjoy Puerto Peñasco’s beaches for the whole season, searching out warmer destinations for the winter months.

Yet another interesting option during this period of fantastic weather is to visit the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve (UNESCO World Heritage Site), located just 50 kilometers north of Puerto Peñasco. There, you can take in one of the most impressive desert landscapes in the region, or pay a visit to the “Schuk Toak” Visitors Center of the Pinacate, located just 30 kilometers north of town, in learning more about our area at the interactive museum that highlights all the beauty the desert has to offer.

Go on, come enjoy Fall in Puerto Peñasco, along with our lovely moon-filled nights and pleasant sunsets!