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Ocean Giants return off the shores of Puerto Peñasco

Whale watching season has just begun in Puerto Peñasco, with the first spotting of these ocean giants about 15 nautical miles from Puerto Peñasco on January 25th.

This corner of the Sea of Cortez is a privileged spot as at the beginning of each year it welcomes back whales that make their way up from North American coasts to feed and have their young. Their time here also offers a wonderful natural spectacle for many!

In Puerto Peñasco, the season to catch a glimpse of these species, which are considered to be the largest in the world, is generally from about when they start to arrive at the beginning of the year through possibly early April.

The privilege of whale watching off the shores of Puerto Peñasco is authorized by the Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) under Official Mexican Standards that establish regulations for such activities NOM-131-SEMARNTAR-2010.

Three types of whales can generally be spotted in this part of the Sea of Cortez. These include the fin whale, considered to the second largest sea mammal in the world, as well as gray whales and humpbacks. Humpbacks tend to be more active and with greatly mobility in the water. This time of the year also frequently provides spectators with sightings of hundreds of dolphins swimming in large groups just off our shores.

There are various companies in Puerto Peñasco that offer whale seeking/watching adventures, bringing people closer to these enormous and majestic marine species while abiding by outlined protocols.

Tours, which are often in the morning or just before sunset to areas where whales have been spotted, offer the opportunity to enjoy seeing a whale breaching the water or even spot a family group of whales.

To ensure protection of the whales while preventing any disorder, strict protocols are in place both tour boats and passengers.

Contact your favorite tour operator and enjoy this wonderful experience right here in Puerto Peñasco!