Come to Rocky Point

Must try street food culinary surprises in Rocky Point!

One of the pleasures that enriches any traveler’s experience is undoubtedly the food. When picking a destination, we’ve all contemplated on our list of things to do that of tasting the best of local dishes.  While we’ve shared with you some of the best culinary spots in Rocky Point, and you’re already familiar with some of our chefs, we can’t forget there are times when street food can surprisingly delight!  We’d like to share some of these unbelievable options for your next visit to Rocky Point:

  1. Piña Colada en su piña:  Let’s start with something simple, a drink that is synonymous with beach and fun. Yes, Piña Coladas! If you’ve visited Rocky Point before, you’ve certainly come across this quaint Piña Colada truck whose owner is always ready with a smile for all passing along the street. The flavorful taste and quality are a product of years of experience. This is a must stop when roaming along the infamous Calle 13.
  1. Mariscos El Barrilito seafood:  Continuing along Calle 13, another can’t miss spot is Mariscos El Barrilito. Here you’ll find a heaping load of seafood flavors done up traditionally, including tostadas and cocktails, more relaxed offerings served in coconuts, or snack fries that can surely lift anyone’s spirits.
  1. Lobsters & Smoked Ribs: How about a bit of a surprise, which you possibly didn’t even know existed in Rocky Point. That’s right, lobsters and smoked ribs! This fun spot offers an extensive menu that is sure to delight any palate. Here you can find lobster, ribs, prime cuts, wings, hamburgers, seasonal specials, and much more!  Treat yourself and stop by this hidden treasure; you won’t be disappointed. 
  1. Tacos El Carrito:  There’s a saying in Mexico, “Al que madruga, Dios le ayuda” (God helps the one that rises early…or rather “The early bird catches the worm”).  This undoubtedly applies if you want to try out a delicious breakfast option in town. Tacos El Carrito is run by a family showcasing their delicious Jalisco flavors. You’ll find traditional tacos de guisado, tortas, weekly specials, and desserts.  You’ll be warmly welcomed here, and they are sure to make you feel right at home.
  1. Churros y Elotes Peñasco: For that small craving around midday, whether you’re in the mood for something salty or sweet, this sidewalk stand serves up everyone’s favorites. A local institution for years, here you’ll find traditional churros, elotes (corn on the cob), nachos with cheese, and much more! While these snacks may not be out of this world and already familiar to many, they are undoubtedly a must have for a pleasant evening with friends or family.

So, how about these options? Rocky Point has something for everyone!

Come and feel Rocky Point!