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Los Curios offers art treasures

By Azucena Mazón

Pieces of shells transformed by local artisans, distinctive regional souvenirs, flowers made from aluminum sheet, ironwork, clay figures, paintings, sarapes, and traditional dresses are just some of the products one may come across in the area known as “Los Curios” along Calle Revolución on the old road to “La Cholla.”

There are nearly fifty shops lining the street, showcasing thousands of products made across Mexico and by local artists. Among the many items created by the artisans, figures made with shells from Puerto Peñasco’s beaches stand out. Acquiring one of these pieces is like taking a small part of the Sea of Cortez home.

100_7892The figures themselves are made with shells local fishermen pull up in their nets. The shells are then washed and disinfected before being transformed into necklaces, picture frames, or small ornaments.

Hundreds of tourists from Mexico, the U.S., and abroad visit the “Los Curios” (often affectionately called “Rodeo Drive”) particularly on weekends, searching for souvenirs to take back to families and friends.

Among the most sought after items are the flowers made from aluminum sheets, colorfully painted saguaros, necklaces made from shells, as well as shell sculptures, sombreros, and key chains with histories of Puerto Peñasco.

One can observe the white facades on various shops on the once well-traveled road to La Choya, which create a community feel to Los Curios. Ample sidewalks permit one to browse from shop to shop while looking for items made by the hands of artisans, whether they be local or from other parts of the country.

Los Curios is located along Calle Revolución (Calle 32), which connects with Blvd. Benito Juarez and leads toward the new Convention Center.